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First time buyer NEEDS HELP.
  • About 11 days ago i read online about prostate massaging, prostate milking etc.

    I sat in my room and massaged (what i believe to be my prostate) for a good 30+ minutes but didnt feel any pleasure at all... do you actually feel pleasure when you just touch your prostate?!?!?! Because i felt nothing... im pretty sure it was my prostate i went a few inches deep and toward my blly button.

    I didnt press hard because i heard you can seriously hurt yourself.. so i admit i really wanted to experience these mindblowing orgasms but i was too pussy to start punching the shit out of my prostate. I finally said fuck it, proceded to jack off and blow a load.. It was quite amazing though because i ejaculated an incredible amount of semen (seriously would have put peter north to shame) it was all over the place. I tried using my finger several more times but felt nothing.


    If anyone has the time i would more specifically like to know the following:

    1: The basics of how to achieve a "milked prostate".. supposedly this is where the prostate contracts inside and the semen slowly is ejected through the penis... supposedly has an amazingly great long lasting feeling and has health benefits... My question is.. is "prostate milking" obtainable with the aneros? As said above i tried using my finger many times but i didnt get anything out of it.

    2: which aneros should i get? I dont believe in "great for first time users" because i also have a fleshlight and they say that the original pink lady is "great for first timers" however its by far the worst insert ever made (imo). Im looking to only have to buy one of these things. Work is pretty tight nowadays. SO if a few users (who possibly have more than 1 aneros) could provide me with which one they like best, that would help a lot.

    thank you all very much! I really hope im not one of those guys who just has extremely bad luck and cant obtain prostate orgasms... Help me out!

    EDIT: also incase it matters..

    im 21 years old. 6 feet 1 inches tall 210 pounds.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well welcome Ghettygreen!! :D :D

    Oh you of dauntless digit game, the great explorer did you came!, you have been there and met success, butt not yet mapped the place! :D


    Suspend your quick judgements and set aside all expectations. YOUR PROSTATE TAKES TIME TO AWAKEN... ... AND CANNOT BE PUSHED ANY FASTER THAN THE TIME IT DECIDES TO TAKE...! ...! ...! :D

    Have you read the Wiki here? Prostate milking is one form of therapy that these medical devices can assist with. The goal on this site is developing the capacity for multiple dry orgasms of ever greater intensities and/or ecstatic effects. The wide, wide, ever wider world of the Super-Os and Beyond...

    Deeply relax. Develop meditative deep valley abdominal breathing. Listen for the slightest pulses, vibrations, twitches, hums... and stay relaxed, don't try to grab at them, quietly allow them to do whatever they will. They are the signals that your system is rewiring and may surprise you at any time... or not for quite awhile... whatever... butt you can really enjoy the ride, it you let yourself do that.

    As to which Aneros, if only one, many would suggest the Helix and that reflect widespread successes. Some, like me, haven't had great initial results with it, although over time we are getting to know each other better, Helix and me. What worked an excellent launch/trainer model is the MGX, the most refined of the original design (Classic, SGX). The great thing is that if you are not satisfied with it, it has a guarantee (check out the Store here for details), where the other models do not. IMHO, MGX is a great model for awakening your prostate, and for the deliberate muscle memory training path, if that becomes appropriate for you. All the best with your journey as it unfolds for you here!

    I use my various models for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) therapy, one of the conditions these devices were originally designed to treat! And BOY do they!!! I get the best prostate milking using my Progasm Ice model, by far. So if that is your main goal, that may be your best bet; a Progasm Ice.

    all the best relaxation, attitude adjustment, gentle gradual prostate awakening to ecstasies all

  • Thank you artform! great post
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    You are most welcome Gg.

    BTW, as your prostate awakens, your finger may find a new friend down there and visaversa. Mine have been great friends for fifty years. Your partner's finger can bring on all kinds of fireworks for an awakened prostate!!! My wife ('s finger) brought my first Super-Os in great chains and many other astounding phenomena!

    all the best on your awakening

  • I went ahead and got the Aneros Helix. should be here tomorrow =P
  • poppiepoppie
    Posts: 23

    Most heartfelt welcome from one new aries member to another ! Yes I too was jealous of a womans capabilities in the orgasm dept at first
    but then when I got going on my journey I knew it is possible to get to that level of sexual excitement one day. I'm partially there now but
    still have a long way to go , but what fun getting there! I also bought the helix first because of all the excellent advise on this forum , it is
    a real good first aneros. I have since bought the progasm and let me tell you it really gets things heated up.I use both , the helix mostly on
    weekdays and save the progasm for the weekends ,thats when I have more time to myself to enjoy.As for milking by my own finger , I have tried but
    it was too un(cum)fortable , so I got my wife to do it and wow it fucking blew my mind among other things! Now I only do it once in a while ,
    I much prefer the aneros sensations.Well our new friend "May You Journey Be Orgasmic and Your Sensations Exquisitte"