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Always intense, rarely intensely pleasurable- do others have this experience?
  • oscaroscar
    Posts: 10
    I have now been using Aneros for just over two years. I used one originally because I suffered from proctalgia fugax- a muscle cramp in the rectum, and the massaging effect seems to have been very beneficial.

    After about a month of Aneros use I started to experience agreeable contractions and waves of intense feeling. Over the next few weeks the contactions became more powerful and waves very agreeable. I would vocalise strongly 'growling like a bear' as I exhaled- I just had too!

    However, I felt no intense pleasure- certainly nothing like that sweet 'pre-ejaculation' feeling.

    Then eight months into my journey, my prostate suddenly became a source of intense pleasure and I had a fantastic session; this was repeated on my next use a week later. I thought 'aha- now I know what the other guys have been talking about on this forum!'. Rewiring has occurred! My life is going to get a whole lot better!

    But then as soon the feelings of intense pleasure had arrived they vanished and I have had over a year of just very intense very agreeable sensations again. I have perservered with twice a week sessions.

    Two weeks ago I inserted the Eupho and immediately thought 'man, this feels good!' then 'this feels amazing!' and I had an intensely pleasurable two hours- 'a year's orgasms in one evening' is how it felt. On my next session a few days later this was pretty much repeated. You can imagine how pleased I felt.

    But now I am back to intense and very agreeable again. This is disappointing and a bit frustrating really.

    Despite ten days since ejaculating, the last session was a bit of a dud. I did note that I didn't get the initial 'feeling great' feeling on insertion- I think this may be diagnostic of an amazing session ahead.

    Has anyone else had this kind of experience?
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401
    Hi, Oscar. It's wonderful that you've had such good successes in the past...and I'm certain you can continue to do so.

    Perhaps, may I suggest, that it is your intense desire to achieve that "great feeling" again is blocking you. In short, you're worried about NOT having them, and that anxiety is the problem here.

    Oscar, just relax. Take each session for what it will bring you. Anticipate nothing, and be amazed. I would also encourage you to buy another model to alternate with, perhaps, given you're using a Eupho, that a Helix might be a great compliment to your arsenal.

    Try what I call the "do nothing" method. Put your Aneros in, lie down, totally relax and apply no contractions or body movement at all...just lie there and let your prostate do the rest. Believe me, this works. As soon as you start to get feedback from your prostate, just try to maintain that level of pleasure...don't force it and try to get more at that moment. The sensations WILL build and you'll be on your way.

    Don't worry about it NOT working. Take what comes, be blessed by that, and continue your journey.

    We're all vested in your success.