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Eupho or Peridise - which model should I get?
  • Iceman99Iceman99
    Posts: 12
    Hey gang - I've been using the Aneros for almost a year now. I have both the Progasm and the Helix. I've only recently started getting pleasurable feelings from them (slowly awakening).

    I'm looking at getting either the peridise or the eupho, but am a bit concerned that they are both for advanced users. Since I've not yet experienced any sort of orgasm from an Aneros, should I maybe hold off on getting either of these models for now?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423

    You are talking
    'apples and oranges' here with the Peridise and Eupho models. Unlike the Eupho (which is a prostate massager like the Helix and Progasm), the Peridise is not a prostate massager, but an anal sphincter exerciser and does not possess the 'P-tab' feature of the other massagers for perineum acupressure massage. Please do not confuse the two and think they are essentially variants of the same concept, they are not. The Peridise is a uni-sex device, designed to be equally appropriate for men or women. Do not expect it to massage your prostate in the manner of the Eupho, Helix or Progasm models.

    While the Eupho is intended for men with more control and dexterity with their pelvic floor muscles (thus the recommendation for advanced users), the Peridise is suitable for users of all experience levels. Since you already have the two most popular prostate massage models and are beginning to derive pleasurable feelings from them, why not expand your sensual experience in a slightly different manner by choosing the Peridise set instead of buying the Eupho. The Peridise is likely to stimulate you more effectively but differently than the Eupho and you can always return to buy the Eupho at a future date.
  • gabrialgabrial
    Posts: 31
    I would have said buy the Eupho. I like it more then the other two and get better results. But Rumel is right that product testing is an expensive proposition.

    good luck.