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That's it i have had enough aneros is going for now
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Hello all as you know i have had a rather unfortunate problem but now i have reached
    the point where i am sick of relapsing and i got aneros prostate massagers back from
    a friend who has been holding them for quiet some months to prevent me from using
    them, and he finally gave them back to me and what did i do i could resist anymore
    and have done it for the final last time thats right i couldnt help myself and in they
    went now the muscles to the side left and right must be torn i can feel them stretching
    and they do hurt a little, but i am afraid this time the only way to recover is to get rid of
    them all i cannot trust myself with them around they are too close so they have to go
    and i am sick and tired of this problem sick and tired of starting again now i seriuosly
    doubt the future of any aneros usage to me, i will have to wait and see until the problem
    is gone completely and i have seen the doctor.

    I still have to wait four months for my appointment until i get just a consultation with the
    colorectal surgeon if i had seen them earlier things would not be soo bad it makes things
    worse having to wait not knowing what is wrong, i have tried going to a different GP close
    to my original one twice to ask for an earlier appointment and the lady i saw there said i
    would have to wait and that there was no shortcuts, as i understand they have a lot of
    people and are very busy, but i dont really care i dont care what their excuse is they are
    always underfunded being a free public health care system the doctors simply dont listen
    dont understand the importnace urgency of my situation that needs to be looked at, and
    i guess on the other hand there are people that i waiting for their turn to and that i can
    understand and kind of feel sorry for them too but seven months is just ridiculous had
    i seen them sooner i probably would be sitting here wondering what the problem is and
    had i have seen i would probably know what the problem is what i have to do good or bad
    implications but now it is very bad and i have had enough of this the msucles will never be
    as strong as they used to be and i dont know where this puts me so where does it put me
    does anyone know?

    I have caused myself soo much pain it is not funny i am in too much right now i am of course
    very depressed and in a lot of pain silly me and know i feel very empty sad depressed inside
    like there is a huge hole in my soul like i have nothing left anymore no aneros no woman
    only god knows what the future holds for me anything but this crap hole, i cannot tust myself
    with aneros around me it would be a load of my mind but at the same time it makes me sad
    to get rid of them, i feel sorry for the many models i own, but this is the only way out.

    I was thinking i could maybe give them to some members if anyone wants them or i could just
    throw them in the bin, i am sorry for all the trouble i have caused anyone i have upset i dont really intend
    to hurt people but sometimes not very often occasionally i can do this, i will probably give it another
    crack when my problem is finally fully healed recovered i simply still cannot get myself too simply just
    give up the aneros dream maybe i should idk, but my addcitive nature has got the better of me and
    nothing can ever replace aneros it's like something you cannot replace with something else, and even
    before i used them i knew it wasnt really going to work and tried to convince myself not to do it
    and just to wait, but the desire was too strong and i gave in shame on me, if only i was a normal
    person not sick and suffering all the time, i have dream that will probably never be relaised and that
    is that oneday soon they will find a cure for alcoholism and hopefully drug addiction and substance
    addiction and hopefully all addictions so every single still suffer practicing alcoholic can have a cure
    if they so desire a doorway to freedom, everything i want a doorway to a new beggining without
    many problems a new day a new freedom and happiness at long last but i know this will probably
    never happen this way anyway.

    And for now i will try to continue doing the A.A program as this seems the only way there, and i will
    still be around here no matter what even if it is just to chat about whatever or i can simply make the
    hard choice and never come back which i dount i can do.

    So take care all for now and many thanks for your help love care and support i will love you guys always

    Cheers thecritta
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    I am sorry to hear about your problems, man.

    - Did you feel when you injured yourself? Did you not use enough lube or manipulate the Aneros manually?
    - How is BM for you now? Painful?
    - Did you have success with the Aneros? Super Os?
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Sorry to hear of your situation, critta. I hope you heal quickly. Your posts have kind of scared me and make me think twice about my aneros usage! Do you feel that the aneros caused this condition? Or is it because of the long dildos you were using?
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    I think it is good idea.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401
    Yeah, Critta, good idea, mate. Take some time....get well. You've got a whole lifetime ahead of ya.

    Blessings, brother.