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A little serious Humour.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 225
    I went to this Aneros party the other night. "No Penis! I'm going on my own and I don't want to see or hear you anywhere near it!"
    "Come on pal. Have a heart. You know I enjoy your parties!" "NO NO NO! Stay away." I said in no uncertain terms. The party began very nicely and all was going smoothly and everyone was having a good time. I felt him before I saw him. There he was, looking up at me and smiling . "Couldn't help it " He said. "Sorry". He then went on to ruin the fun by getting in on the act . everyone was really pissed off. WHAT CAN WE DO WITH GATE-CRASHERS! Tomasheen.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 200
    I know the feeling.
    Private function, pun intended.

    Mr Pushy banging on the door, "Come on you know me well".
    "We always have a good time together"

    What an offer.
    Hard to refuse most of the time.
    "Resistance is futile." said the collective.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    "Resistance is futile." said the collective.
    Though many have also been this route.

    The more you deeply relax and don't worry,
    the more the decoupling of orgasming from ejaculating can experiment with you.

    Sooner or later (patience) Mr. Pushy stops getting his signal as,
    Mr. Prostate wins the primary attention of your body/mind.

    You guys are good!! Join the jousting fun in the Aneros Haiku Chain:

    Here is a post about this from the bumped thread by Helixer on orgasming as a mind game. As it is. Just reading this thread could prove a helpful mindshift:

    artform said:

    Hi again All!

    And Sir Mog, esteemed gentleman, scholar and benefactor, thank you so very much again.

    This succinct statement of yours is the Hope Diamond of MMO practice. Forgive please my daring to add the emphasis as I have. Yet the phrase highlighted seems to me to capture the biggest challenge to MMO success to attain the escalating energetic levels you so rightly signal. The ne plus ultra key (qi even!) to the much yearned for... in this Forum.

    Originally Posted by mog

    mog said:

    ...My own MMO history started with the Aneros practice, then the KSMO, and has progressed, much to my amazement, to giving me the experience of what I call hyper-O extended sessions with no aids whatsoever - no manipulation, no insertions, no Key Sound - just by relaxed submissive desire to have these fantastic orgasms visit me. I know for some that might be simply incredible, but it's true...

    ...But it's necessary to allow time to develop this skill - it's taken me several years (but it's been great fun all along the way!)

    Mog (emphasis added by artform)
    deeply "relaxed submissive desire"

    Get your "hands" off the steering wheel guys, profoundly relax and mind clear, and then feel your openness potential and all its vulnerability, and allow the entire universe to enter your whole body/mind through your anus (later both your anus and your crown along your anus/crown axis of ecstasy) and there you have it!!! :shock: :wink: :shock: :lol:

    If you can imagine this, visualize this, deeply believe this as your aneros training wheels carry you in this direction, you too may well be flying on your own as it will be.

    on wings of ecstasies all


    relaxed submissive desire or a Hydraulic Jack suggested relaxed receptive desire

    Remember one can hold a desire without expectation! Desire may be a sensed vacancy, a dream, even one somewhat resisted. Expectation is an assumption or something deserved or fearfully wanted.

    It took most of my first year with Aneros to stop ending with the Super-T which had been the goal of my solo pre-aneros prostate massage practice for the last forty (40) years. Even though I had my first Super-Os in my early to mid-teens when I first began active regular prostate massage fifty (50) years ago, I had to relax, deeply, and refocus or de-focus and find the other track again here. It can be done guys, butt it can take its own sweet time. :D

    all the best patient enjoyment and hands free discipline in the early journey all