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My interpretation of the Aneros and Lost Time
  • jackfrostjackfrost
    Posts: 37
    The whole experience is a "paradox" of blissful frustration.

    The Aneros is like my best friend and my worst enemy at the same time. I have to "look away" for it to "approach me", and only if it's close enough can I finally "look at it" without it fleeing away. Even then I can only look for a short time, otherwise, it'll flee again. I've had probably over a thousand mini-o's and a few reality melting super-o's.

    It's the most annoying wonderful thing in the world.

    I've been experiencing a strange emotion afterwards of 'lost time'. One of my sessions can easily be an hour or two. Afterwards, I think about what I just did, and the feelings I felt are almost like a distant memory or dream.

    This is distressing, because the last 2 hours of my life are gone, with nothing to show for it as the memory is almost lost. I know it felt like the most amazing thing in the world at the time, but now it's like it never happened.

    I noticed that during a conventional orgasm, during the orgasm part my mind basically goes "blank". I don't really think about the porn I was looking at etc. Normally I lose only a few seconds of "time" during this kind of blank-blissful-pleasurable phase, but with the Aneros the feeling can span hours. This is where my strange distress kicks in for lost time.

    What does the Aneros mean for you and how do you interpret the overall experience?

    Do you experience this feeling of 'Lost Time'?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi jackfrost! :D

    Yes I experience "Lost Time", butt I do not lament it. IMHO, it is a gift. This post from my blog, and others there illustrates why:

    How old are you? I hope we can chat about this at the next chat session. How much do you "work" with your memory? Your questioning and perspective are worthy of good discussion that will raise valuable points. Thanks for your post!

    I will respond in more detail soon, but your answers would assist that, if you are comfortable replying. You might like to look at the and comment here if any of them resonate with you.

    all the best in finding the balance and flow that works best for you all

  • Research has shown that Women's brain shut down momentarily at the moment of orgasm. I would assume that aneros would produce something similar in men. This could easily explain this phenomenon and many other strange ones associated with our little plastic mistress.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello jackfrost, :)

    While I have not yet achieve super-O's, I have most certainly experienced the lost time phenomena. In addition I've also experienced that feeling that you described when the next day the experience seems far away or not as real as it was when it happened. I have no idea what the cause for this is, and I don't have much issue with it. It is what it is. The only thing I've done to make adjustments for it is to make sure I blog about the experience shortly after the Aneros session when the memory is fresh and still intense.

  • Thinking some more on this, I wounder if it has something to do with state dependent learning/memory. To really orgasm well you need to be in a very different mindset than used for normal every day wakeful living. You have these tremendous experiences only when in this state. The morning after a night of intoxication, can you remember what it felt like? Can you recall with regularity what your dreams felt like? I would though like to wager a bet that when you find yourself in the same state, the memories of prior experiences will come back. Try to remember previous sessions while in an orgasmic mindset. It should prove interesting.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I think chris_SoCal's reasoning seems pretty right on. We go into different states of being or mental states when doing various things. Getting into certain 'mindsets' can trigger not only memories but the feeling like you're there or like it just happened. The majority of our life our minds are thinking of either the past or future. It's not often that we're focused on the exact moment at hand unless we're engaged in something that requires or utmost attention. This may be where the sense of lost time is coming from. During your aneros session you may actually be focused on the present. You're mind isn't wondering the past or pondering the future. You're just enjoying what is happening moment to moment.
    It's crazy to think how fast history is made. Every moment that passes is history. Our memory is the only thing keeps us somewhat linear. Gives us something to put the pieces together with. For me remembering something whether it just happened minutes ago, days ago, or longer all seem to have a lot of the same quality. I think if anything it's the emotions that go with the memories that seem to fade a bit more. But even then if you can get into the same state of mind you were in when you experienced these memories then you may be able to relive the experience in your mind.
    Last week I had a crazy random sexual experience with this girl. Very spontaneous (just met her hell didn't even know her name) and though I was sober I might as well of been on drugs because it was just so surreal the way it went done. Then not too long after I left her place it felt like it didn't even really happen. Seriously feels like a fantasy I just had... but no it really physically happened.
    Ok I'll stop before I keep rambling.