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Preoccupation with aneros
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 257
    I have had the Aneros for just about four months now. As I said before, I never imagined that such lovely potential for pleasure existed. So it has become a preoccupation with me. I am aware of the thing all day! Good thing I have retired and have plenty of time on my hands. I have lots to do but I feel too much time is taken up with thinking about the joys and looking forward to using it. Is this normal? Masturbation has always been my thing and I have enjoyed that so much but the new found pleasures and sensations are so difficult to resist. I have had to curtail the duration and frequency of sessions to avoid getting sore!!.
    It might be useful to mention this. During my late sixties, I found that erections were not as good as they used to be. My libido was also lagging. So I resorted to a herbal aphrodisiac called MAXIDUS or MG complex (Malaysian Ginseng Complex). These are capsules and can be opened to take only a half dose. These are excellent and I have found this to enhance the Aneros experience. Love-making is a joy now with a good hard erection which lasts (it seems) forever!! I am always grateful for comments and suggestions. Thank you for reading . Tomasheen.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Long may your infatuation last.
    You must be one of the lucky "plug in and play" members.
    Sometimes I liken it to having a new car or girlfriend.
    As or the pills I do not know.
    I would like to try a session after taking some weed but that option is not open to me at this time.

    Very pleased to hear that you are enjoying the ride.
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    I am in a similar situation to you although I am only 56 I took early retirement... I do not use any potions therefore, the number of erections are few and are not as hard as they used to be :(

    I find myself walking about with a device fitted most days and enjoy the sensations as and when they occur. I find my Peredice is best for this as I can sit, stand or lay and get the required sensations.

    I am concerned that this may become a bit of a vice and could take over my life.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Hello, Tomasheen, welcome to the forum. I see you've posted a few times, but I don't think I've had the pleasure of writing to you directly.

    I've been blessed with a truly amazing gift with Aneros. And I understand your preoccupation with it. I feel it every day. My journey has led me to what I believe is an uncommon level of prostate awareness. I feel mine all the time. Just sitting on a firm chair or lying in bed. It's almost too much at times.

    As a result, I can put any of my favorite toys in, and within minutes be experiencing significant p-waves and I reach Super O most of the time. Blessing or curse? I'm self employed, so I'm still working, and I can do pretty much as I please. I have my own office at home away from the house, so I have solitude when I want/need it. That's the problem, also. Because I can let this piece of plastic rule me if I'm not careful. I have to admit that I've planned my day around Aneros, and let my work suffer as a result in the past.

    What I've come to is the awareness of the NECESSITY of the need for balance in my life. This includes work, family, hobbies, and play (including Aneros time). I have many interests and only one addiction...and yes, you can guess what that is.

    So, you're not alone in your preoccupation. I think about it all the time...kinda like a lover you can't get out of your head. I know how you feel, and what you're experiencing.

    My suggestion is to examine this carefully. Is Aneros getting in the way of a higher priority. By that I mean, is it getting a higher value than personal relationships? I know you don't have to work being retired, but don't let Aneros use get in the way of people. In the long run, they are what is important in your life. The pleasure of Aneros can fit in, certainly, but don't let it rule you. Be its master, seek balance in all you do, and when it's time for Aneros, enjoy it with a clear conscience.

    Hope that helps.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    You are certainly not alone in having been captivated by the seductive allure of Mistress Aneros. I think it is quite natural to find us conditioning ourselves to increasingly enjoy these wonderful little devices when they provide such pleasurable positive feedback. How can we resist such a healthful and pleasant exercise? Then again why should we resist?
    The Aneros WIKI touches upon some of the psychological issues associated with Aneros usage. Additionally there is mention of Managing addiction as well. IMHO, the rewiring which takes place as a result of Aneros use alters one's consciousness in subtle, yet perceptible, ways. Probably the most obvious is having "awakened" your prostate, you are now ever aware of its presence and its powerful influence within the body. This is completely in accord with the thousands of years old knowledge contained in Tantric teachings, teachings which pre-date Christianity.

    Our own resident Guru, 'Brian Mayfield', termed the Aneros massagers, “Tantric Training Wheels”, and rightly so. The pleasure/reward principle at work here is indeed a powerful impetus toward obsessive use behavior and even addiction but fortunately is not a life threatening or body endangering practice.

    I think 'Cockadoodle' made an excellent point about the necessity for establishing 'balance' in one's life with respect to all of our life interests, obligations and activities. I look upon my Anerosessions as erotic meditations, almost always pleasurable and occasionally outstanding but also with lulls between pleasure waves when random thoughts deep from the sub-conscious can rise to consciousness for later examination. This was an aspect of Aneros practice I certainly had not foreseen but has been a wonderful adjunct to my life as well.

    These erotic meditations have provided a psychologically therapeutic effect which has also opened doors to creative thoughts that were previously hidden. While initially I too was concerned about the time being spent in sessions, I have also come to understand the importance of having this solo time for my psyche. IMHO, as long as the loved ones in your life are not being denied quality time from you and your other worldly obligations are being met, then the balance of your time should be utilized as you desire, without any recriminations.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335

    I find myself walking about with a device fitted most days and enjoy the sensations as and when they occur. I find my Peredice is best for this as I can sit, stand or lay and get the required sensations.

    i would not recommend you walk around with the device. prudence suggests that you limit its use to your sessions, probably not more than an average of about an hour or so a day. you do not want to mess up the tissue in there with an irritant that it was not designed for.