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Weird Sensation.. What does this mean?
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    Awhile back, I described that I would get an odd tingling sensation around my belly button. It wouldnt be so much like a tickle, but instead a similar feeling to when you leg falls asleep. Every once in awhile, I still get this sensations. Sometimes even in weird places like my hands and mouth.

    However, during a session last night, I had a completely different experience. This same sensation came to me, but this time in my upper chest area. Out of nowhere, it got really intense, and felt as though a big huge tingling blob was under the skin of that area (unlike the small ring sensation with my belly button). It wasnt pleasurable, but not painful or discomforting. But it got so intense, that it felt like it was trying to push its way through my chest. At the same time, there didnt seem to be any anal or prostate sensations. It made me shake a bit, and expand my chest outward. The whole thing lasted about 15 seconds, the longest sensation that I have had yet.

    The session lasted another 20 minutes. This was about 15 minutes into the session, and it took me a good minute to calm my body afterwards. After ejaculating, I went to take the progasm out. As I am slowly taking it out, the sensational came back. It was nowhere near as intene but more intense than a p wave. This time it lasted a good 10 seconds, until the model was fully taken out.

    What does this all mean? Was this a really strong p wave? Was this an O? If this was nothing special, I cant imagine how intense a Super O must be. I mean, there was no pleasure involved with this sensation. But if there was, I can imagine it would have felt really overpowering.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Nat! :D

    This is more good news for you, IMHO. I think your body/mind is experimenting with these orgasmic/life-force/spiritual (Jing/Chi-Qi/Shen as named in the Taoist tradition) energies and opening them up gradually for you. It sounds like you are experiencing them as a generalized or life-force level, rather than orgasmic focused energy (Jing) you are looking for.

    Don't worry. Be happy with these and the progress they are. Whatever happens like this relax and allow it to just do its thing with you. Over time you will connect more to these events and enter into a kind of conversation with them. In this way they will probably bloom very well for you. What you describe is very much like some of the insistent early effects from my solo practice. Again, congratulations Nat!!

    every journey, no matter how different, is taken one step at a time, truly for each of us all