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Pause between contractions?
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    hey I'm back,

    maybe someone can remember my first thread where I just started my journey. Now I have it for about 4 months and I made great progress. I think yesterday I even had a mini-O because it had a climax kinda thing and when I closed my eyes I felt like I was tiny like a mouse but I still have a big problem:

    Basically, all of my sessions are pretty much the same. No matter how aroused I am, just a very very slight contraction gets it started like a machine that runs on its own. Right after insertion it already feels pretty great. After holding this contraction for a couple seconds my muscles start spazzing a little bit and within one or two minutes it gets stronger and stronger and ends up in the best wave of my session.
    After this one I could basically end my session because I will never get as far as with my wirst wave. I can still generate some nice feelings but it somehow stops at 70-80% of the first wave and just stays at this level until I can't hold it anymore or get uncomfortable because of sth else.
    Later on I start shaking more which kinda feels like it spends the energy needed to build up the great feelings and at some point (maybe 20-30 minutes into a session) exhaustion gets a big factor because I can't hold the contractions as long as the first ones and they just don't feel that great. Rather kinda forced although definitely not bad. It's very hard to describe.
    What am I doing wrong? I read from people who can have 8 hour sessions while getting to higher and higher levels. After 4 months of using the device on a regular basis I think my muscles should be trained enough to get that going for at least one to two hours so am I doing sth wrong?
    Usually I don't contract and release like the newbie guide suggests but just hold a slight (sometimes stronger but never more than 60%) contraction for a couple of minutes. After that I usually pause for ~30secs and do it again. Is this too much? Should I pause more? I'm a bit afraid of loosing momentum by doing so but that could be a misleading remainder from the ordinary orgasm where you usually loose arousal when you stop.
  • NeuroNeuro
    Posts: 42
    Grayfox, I would suggest trying to focus more on your breathing and just let the contractions come. Don't worry too much about holding contractions etc. I find that my best sessions don't involve holding contractions at all. I just relax and breathe and focus on my breath going into my pelvic region. You will soon find that when you are relaxed, the aneros will go to work on it's own. When things start to subside a bit, you can always do a slight contraction to fire things up again, but again, try making breathing and relaxing your focus and see what happens! Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi Grafox and welcome back.

    I remember exactly where you are. You wrote almost a 'carbon copy' of what I might have written last autumn.

    I think you are in great shape and were I you, I'd continue exactly what you are doing for five or six more sessions while being alert for tiny variations in what you feel and sense. Your body might just be forthright and show you the next step in a very natural manner.

    I notice you're not mentioning using some nip stim. Might be a good ploy to extend your session and get some good vibes. Get your wife (g/f, partner etc.) to coach your early nip stim. I found that, not watching worked well. My ever-luvin's caresses were great and when she did a tiny flick with a fingernail, I'd get a strong anal contraction. fun stuff and neat game for two. keep your eyes closed, no peeking and enjoy.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Right or Wrong – there are very few techniques one may employ that are either right or wrong. Right/wrong (correct/incorrect, acceptable/unacceptable) may be a misleading reference. IMHO, the only techniques which I would classify as “wrong” are those which which can lead to personal injury, such as manual manipulation of your Aneros or use of irritating/toxic lubrications. It is perhaps better to refer to techniques that are effective or ineffective for you.

    Since we all react slightly differently in response to use of the Aneros devices it is logical techniques which prove effective for one person will be ineffective for another person.

    In my own personal practice, I've also noticed from session to session a technique which was working effectively previously may suddenly be ineffective for the current session, so you need to develop alternate techniques for enjoying your Anerosessions. This is where continued experimentation with differing methods pays off, you may find by trying a completely new position, rhythm, intensity, lubrication, environment change, tactile, auditory, visual, olfactory change or Aneros model suddenly jumps you to a new level of experience.

    Please don't be afraid of experimenting with alternate techniques, you will not lose anything by doing so, you will be gaining and expanding your repertoire of effective ways to pleasure yourself. The old cliché of “Variety is the spice of life.” became a cliché because it has a basis in common sense fact. If you perform the same procedure repetitively it eventually becomes boring, the body's nerves become inured to the stimulation and slow or stop their response to that stimulation. When you keep changing the stimulus the nerve response will change as well. The trick is to find a range of techniques which are effective for you and balance them in practice so the nerves are always responding to varying stimuli but effectively generating pleasure as well.

    Your specific questions - “Pause between contractions?” , “What am I doing wrong?” , “Is this too much?” , “Should I pause more?” can only be answered by you. I know this is not the specific type of answer you were looking for, but, hopefully, it will propel you in a slightly different direction and elevate you to a new plateau of experience. This practice is about enjoyment, it is not a competition or form of work where one can perfect a routine for maximum efficiency, it is a form of play with few rules and improvisation is to be encouraged, have fun with yourself!

    P.S. 'Neuro' and 'rook' s suggestions are additional techniques worth exploring as well. It is OK to try something new!
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    Woooooooow woooooooooooow wooooooooooooow,

    sorry for not answering before now but I gave me some sessions to apply your tips and all I can say is that it works perfectly. I think yesterday I made it into a Super-O. I think the two facts that improved my sessions the most were a) to not insert the helix as far as possible and b) as you said to concentrate on breathing and not contracting to hard. I always was a bit sceptical about breathing triggering sth inside my body but when I was able to magnify my waves by solely breathing and holding a very slight contraction I was absolutely convinced.
    Then at some point a feeling of numbness started spreading over my entire body and I started twichting. It was completely different from the times where I was contracting too hard because it was located further inside and it felt like the helix was jumping instead of continously shaking.
    And then, wow, I can't really describe it. I think you know it even better than me ;) A wave of great feelings overran me for half a minute or so and I couldn't believe I made it.
    The only downer was that my prostate felt really exausted after this one and I couldn't make it again but at least do I have sth to work on in the future ;)

    Actually, I'm not quite sure how a mini-O feels like then. Where is the difference to a super-O?