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First time WOW
  • I tried the new Aneros MGX for the first time last night as my wife and I were engaged in some fairly heavy foreplay, which we seem to enjoy more than the act of sex. She was using a new vibe that I had got for her and I told her that I had a new toy for myself, her response was go for it, which I did! Wow after insertion, which was very easy, all the sensations were overwhelming and I orgasmed within a few seconds. OMG everything in the instruction were right, I did feel "full" after it was fully in and as I contracted my anal muscles I could really feel it do its job! My wife grab my penis and there was now way I could control myself. I can hardly believe how well the Aneros works. Thanks for the best sex toy EVER!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome harleyboy and your wife!! :D :D

    You are one of the fortunates with a good orgasmic (Super-T?) beginning to your journey here. There are so many more things you and your wife will be able to share through this practice as it develops in you. How old are you two? My wife and I have had an extraordinary adventure centred on my Aneros/KSMO practice and our "mutual prostates (G-spots) practice". Things like the energies exchanges are detailed in my blog: Aneros

    There are also three polls on Couples Practices currently in the Community Polls forum. These may be helpful to you and you may help others by posting there too: , ,

    Certainly as you say, you have found "the best sex toy EVER" and many here will say: "YES, and so much MORE!

    all the best solo and couple ecstatic orgasmic growth and development your journey here all