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My first session with my new Helix.
  • I received my Helix in the mail today, and tried it out immediately.

    I've had experience with digital prostate stimulation, and have another (rather disappointing) toy, so insertion went fine. I relaxed for about 5-10 minutes. I know it's generally advised to go longer, but I felt fine (and was slightly impatient to see what the Helix could do) and so started some full contractions and synchronized breathing.

    I could immediately tell the Helix was doing its job, and got pretty hard pretty quick. After a while, I changed from on my back, feet flat, to on my back with legs out. It was after a while then that I started feeling a few muscle spasms in my legs (Mainly my glutes) while holding contractions. These got pretty intense, but when they happened, I'd lost my concentration and my contraction would go. I found it hard to remember to breathe properly, also.

    After a few peaks of this, I tried on my side, with not a lot of luck. (I didn't try for long) so I turned on to my front. At this point (~40 minutes in) I didn't mind just trying for an ejaculatory orgasm. When on my front, the muscle spasms became more pronounced and spread to my abs and arms to some extent. With the spasming rubbing my penis against the towel on my bed, it didn't take too long to come to orgasm. I was very enjoyable. I look forward to trying it out again tomorrow.
  • I should have posted my comments here but I posted in the general section, but I can truly say that the Aneros has made a big difference in sex after the first time I used it. I can hardly wait to use it in the morning!