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Are you "aroused"?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    'macjim' stated in a recent post "B Mayfield says to start the aneros aroused, which I take to mean an erection, for us beginners.” I have a slightly different understanding of that term “aroused” but I am curious how the membership interprets this word.

    The WIKI does address the Arousal factor and makes note of “ not involve direct penile stimulation:” but it doesn't mention ones erectile state in association with this. I am aware that I need to be highly aroused in order to enter the Super-O zone but I also know that my erectile condition (usually flaccid) for experiencing pleasure and a Super-O is not related to this. There have been questions regarding this in the past as members have expressed disappointment or dismay that they lost (or never got) erections during their sessions and it has bothered me they were equating their penile state to their ability to have a Super-O which simply is not valid.

    The Penis, NOT thread by 'Cockadoodle' does well in explaining the relevance of penile stimulation in the process but does not address ones fluctuating erectile states during an Anerosession.

    A couple of online dictionaries yield the following definitions:
    arouse -
    1.) To awaken from or as if from sleep.
    2.) To stir up; excite:
    3.) To stimulate sexual desire in.
    aroused -
    1.) To awaken from
    2.) To rouse or stimulate to action or to physiological readiness for activity
    These are not very helpful.

    Wikipedia has a page on Sexual arousal which is a generalized discussion and in this forum we are dealing with a more specific aspect of behavior (males & prostate massage).

    On this Forum, I have been using the terms “arousal” and “aroused” in the global sense as per the Wikipedia discourse, applying to the body as a whole and not specifically to ones penile state. IMO, it is both a physical and a psychological state of being. Signs of physical arousal may include elevated heart rate & blood pressure, increased rate of breathing, perspiration, hot flashes, cold chills and (yes) erections. Psychological signs of arousal may include Desire, lust, longing for physical contact, fantasies etc. These are all signs of arousal but one may be aroused without simultaneously exhibiting all of these signs.

    My questions to the membership are :
    Should we include a specific “aroused” definition in the WIKI Glossary or in the WIKI somewhere? And if so - Should there be a specific notation of the irrelevance of ones penile state to the Super-O experience?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Thanks for bringing this topic up rumel. Being a young guy I can pretty much get an erection on command, but this doesn't necessarily mean I'm aroused and ready for an aneros session. I can hold an erection through a session and not feel any pleasure from my prostate. My sessions usually end without me feeling much pleasure because I'm not "aroused" enough. I think arousal should be discussed more as it relates to aneros use. I don't know if that answers your question regarding the Wiki.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    Whenever I'm erect, I'm aroused. I'm so old I can't remember what I felt like when I was younger, but I think I always had pleasureable sensations in my cock, even if it only slightly swelled. I did have more random erections then when I wasn't even thinking any sexual thoughts. I can remember in high school looking at a cute female or male and getting a purple throbber that was still there when the class ended, and I had to walk down the hall with a huge bulge in my pants. I was very self-conscious about that, not to mention the pre-cum stain that leaked through my pants. I'm sure I was "aroused" then!
    Maybe B. Mayfield could define his concept of arousal in more detail?
    I guess if I just think of something erotic, I start to get a tingling in my groin and can start leaking pre-cum, before I get really engorged. I may just get a "semi", going back to flaccid and then semi again repeatedly. Is that aroused?
  • Interesting question, rumel, and a very relevant one, certainly.

    It's interesting to note that most guys would naturally equate arousal with erection. This is normal and goes with being male, I believe. However, if one gives it a bit more thought, those other sensations are also present, to a lesser or greater degree, simultaneously. Like macjim recalls, and especially in young men, arousal and erection are incontrovertibly linked. Speaking for myself, I know that was true, at any rate. I recall many a "blue balls" experience when arousal/erection just wouldn't stop. Masturbation was the ONLY cure. :)LOL

    At this point in my life, like macjim also pointed out, this is no longer a problem. It takes good erotica or some other external stimulus to get me "up", which ain't too bad, I guess, as I can still do so. But spontaneous erections seem to be a thing of the past. Like deep said, he can just conjure one up at will. Enjoy it now, boys, the day is coming when that won't happen any more.

    So, arousal can mean different things to different guys, of course. But I think it's worth delving into further on a more "spiritual" level, and certainly assumes greater importance when connected to Aneros use.

    There have been many threads on "anticipation" or "expectations" when it comes to Aneros use. I cannot imagine how any of us could ever successfully experience dry O's or Super O's without SOME level of expectations for a successful session...I know I fully expect to be rewarded during my sessions. And arousal is a very important part of that equation. It is the expectation of orgasmic reward that arouses, I think, not necessarily the act of aneros use. Aneros is simply the means to an end, not the end in itself. Arousal, be it with or without erection, is the key to orgasmic success. Many of us have experienced significant orgasms without Aneros use, so it must certainly be that mental/physical arousal has much to do with success here as Aneros does.

    For new users, the anticipation of success, and the "trying" that results is detrimental, we all know, to achieving prostate orgasm. Arousal, both physical and mental, is absolutely required for progress. Your stated signs of arousal are accurate, "...elevated heart rate & blood pressure, increased rate of breathing, perspiration, hot flashes, cold chills and (yes) erections." and should, I believe be a part of the WIKI explanation of the state.

    Anything we can do, as experienced users, to help get guys over the "hump" (pun intended) and into Aneros orgasms is positive. As you know from my posts over the past months, I continuously encourage guys to forget about all that macho guy's stuff, big boners, cumming, size etc., etc., and realize the fact that none of that matters as they explore new horizons of orgasms as an organic part of their male-ness and not something that depends on all that previous ill-conceived nonsense.

    I guess the thing that should be emphasized is that arousal as we're defining it has no sexual connotation. I think what we're looking for here as we try to define arousal is to help guys realize that we're talking about arousal as a STATE OF BEING (the penis can come along for the ride..or not) rather than a more sexually-oriented preparatory state. All the signs above can enter in, naturally, but it is the mental, spiritual preparation for prostate-centered orgasm that brings on arousal, not vice-versa.

    Yes, we need to help define it on both levels. First physical, then emotional/spiritual. I know some don't understand the ZEN of Aneros, releasing the orgasms already within you, but that requires both a knowledge AND experience of arousal on both levels. That's when things start to happen.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    What a great and essential conversation gentlemen! What a great question rumel!
    And the particular simplicity and elegance of the timelessness of it: Are you "aroused"?

    The issues of expectations initially of aneros use, of various age, orientation, physiological, cultural, and societal definitions are all important and need to be articulated. More importantly perhaps, their interrelationships need to be considered and mapped.

    Cockadoodle, your "Zen of Aneros" is a great icon of the real area of action, arousal as a "State of Being" IMHO. It also references the key fact we haven't yet really focused on as a community in an organized manner, the potential of the many Complementary Practices that can actually enhance early and transitional, as well as later expansive Aneros practices.

    As I see the linear experiential map of "arousal" here now, it would include:

    1. a review of one's own history, partner relationships and language of sexual interests, stimulae and arousal patterns

    2. a recognition that the central skill to be developed through the first phase of Aneros practice is the separation of the orgasmic response system from the ejaculatory response system and the clear mental mapping of that as it is happening, facilitating the intuitive and the intentional capacity to choose either/or/or-both responses. What changes in arousal stimulae and patterns of mental/linguistic/physical events facilitate/strengthen this process?

    3. an openness to the changes in what arousal is and what physiological changes there are as Aneros practice continues over time, including the reduction of penile focus and the reduction of flaccid penis size during sessions, for example, or other patterns with this anatomy, as one example of changing physiological and arousal patterns.

    4. a gradual transition to a focus on other bodily, mental, body/mind reintegration, aesthetic, bio-energetic, life-force, meditation, and spiritual stimulae, effects and arousal forms influenced by both one's life history, partner relationship, Complementary Practices, intentions and wider worldview based on the connections of the Aneros Prostate Awakening and Expansion.

    Each journey is different, as each man is different. So each set of transitions in arousal patterns will be unique too. And yet the broad and deep potential pathway is common, even if we do not all take it the whole of the way. These four phases each have their own shifting arousal forms and patterns.

    Am I "aroused" rumel? Yes my friend, I am, always, all ways. This Aneros practice together with the selected complementary ones I have practised over the years, and more so since beginning with Aneros three years ago, have become a whole being arousal with life's universal generative/creative/sustaining/learning/openning energies, one that the slightest sensory delight in any form, or fleeting flash of memory, can trigger an orgasmic blossoming or explosion, appropriate to the social situation, that has me an always aroused celebrant of all. With gratitude beyond measure...

    all best to all on this astounding journey to all

  • I probably would use the word 'horny' in place of 'aroused'. No erection but a mental state where I could feel some penile or prostate stimulation.

    By learning about multiple orgasms I can have an orgasm without an erection and can actually use my muscles and my mind to create an orgasm with no touching and no Aneros.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    Oh! I like the concept of horny better than aroused! Sometimes I need direct penile stimulation to even feel very horny though.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello rumel, :)

    "My questions to the membership are : Should we include a specific “aroused” definition in the WIKI Glossary or in the WIKI somewhere? And if so - Should there be a specific notation of the irrelevance of ones penile state to the Super-O experience?"

    I would say yes to both.

    In my own experience, it has only been through this Aneros journey that I've learned that there is a mental component to arousal that does not necessarily involve my penis being erect. That's a huge step for me, and likely most guys. It's funny because I recently have started to understand the womens point of view of "not feeling in the mood" for sexual activity in terms of Aneros usage for myself. As without the mental component of arousal that also includes pleasurable involuntary sensations from my anus, perineum, and prostate that help me gauge when it is a good time for an Aneros session, most times having a session without those signals results in a mild to dud session. Although occasionally I will still have those surprise sessions where the pleasurable responses are much more than I expected going into it.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Having just fallen off the grinder's wagon I'm pretty biased due to what's gone on in my bod and head for the last 18 hours. So, this isn't an unbiased look at how to view the penis as an indicator of arousal and readiness for an Aneros session.

    Yesterday I might have agreed that the penis is irrelevant. Last night my brain shouted for attention and dumped a lot of nitric oxide into my cock. Penis became the 'flagman' that signaled dry-O readiness. Something I'd not experience before and, until now would have thought unlikely

    While I achieved an "aroused" state through very cognitive mental activity, the "aroused" state was communicated to me by nearly continuous penis chubbies, erections and pre-cum dribbles that continued over a five-hour period. At the time, sex wasn't an option and it became clear that relief would cum either from a jack-off or I must give my prostate to Dame Aneros. Fortunately, I chose in favor of the Aneros.

    There was no 'porn' per se but some rather 'intellectual' assessments of what leads to arousal and those thoughts, with no other stim did the number on my brain. I was however well loaded, having not ejaculated for seven days.

    The bottom line here was that, without any porn or physical penis stim, the brain had resorted to the penis to get my attention and it had dominated over all other signals until I finally got the idea that I had become craven for a date with Dame Aneros.

    I recognize this is but an anecdote cumming from a guy who may not be completely rewired. It does lead me to believe that the guys who place some transient importance on their penis (either as a starting point or as a readiness indicator) may not be as far afield as I would have said yesterday.

    Therefore, I'd vote against "a specific notation of the irrelevance of ones penile state to the Super-O experience?" As usual, the YMMV caveat seems appropriate.

    Now, that said, I had a pretty hard Helix suck-in this morning that yielded a "bruised tonsil." So, I want to heal for a couple of days. Right now, it's off to the shower and a visit to Merry five-fingers.

    After that, with the cold reality of an empty Prostate I may feel differently.

    Just thot I'd share while in a 'whipped-up' state of mind. Might not get here for awhile.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    "Desiring" or "Expectant" are some words that come to the fore.

    Then again we are told not to expect anything !

    Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall not be disappointed.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Now Voyager! :D

    Great beatitude for Anerosians. Thank you! ;)

    [QUOTE=Voyager;86566]"Desiring" or "Expectant" are some words that come to the fore.

    Then again we are told not to expect anything !

    Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall not be disappointed.

    Exactly that friend, the flip side of the ArcticWolves beatitude. Expectations almost always are a closed door, with at least a little anxiety, awaiting an opening. Gratitude is an open door at peace, ready to accept anything that offers in any way a gift, however unexpected.

    Arousal can be just the openness to energies presence, which our culture has mostly devalued until recently. Just the grateful sensory/sensual acceptance of however little we can yet feel them can become the accelerant of ever more powerful expressions by/of these energies. Billy11 has launched a great complementary thread describing his experience of this:

    Wait a minute, beatitudes are aphorisms of faith and ethics. Here we are a mix of faith, science, magic (in the Arthur C. Clark sense) and aesthetics. Anerosian Aphorisms is about to be a new thread/invitation/game/guide possibility of possibilities... :D

    great ironic neuro-magic blessings all

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    To all,

    Should there be a definition of arousal? Certainly. Should it include some reference to an erection, yes, but only as to clarify that this is but one manifestation of arousal and not as the essential element. For the record, macjim's statement (that was attributed to me) about arousal being synonymous with erection is a misinterpretation of what I've written. From my earliest days in this forum I've steadfastly maintained that one's penis should not be one's erotic focus when one is on the path to the Super O. Virtually all of my threads intended for newbies have contained some reference about keeping ones hands off of ones penis. I have emphasized this approach in hundreds of threads! This concept has been born out by scores of men here in the forum over the years, many of whom have authored their own threads on the subject (Cockadoodle most recently). Given all of that, I would never suggest that one must begin a session with an erection.

    In regards to a definition of arousal, with all due respect to those who have responded thus far, we must avoid developing something that is lengthy and overwrought. One of the complaints that users have had in the past is that the information from forum members, while well intended, is often too complex to take in. My suggestion is to keep it simple.

    What I had in mind when I advised men to begin sessions aroused was indeed the more global concept of arousal. On a sensory level it's the first time in bed....ready for action.... butterflies in the stomach, ready for sex feeling. While a deeper and more spiritual explanation is possible, it will inevitably lose many users....(leave 'em in the dust)! I like to believe that what we're about here is making this experience more accessible to all. If we're to do this we must strike a more universal tone, particularly when it comes to defining our most basic concepts.

    Something like this:


    An excited physical and mental state marked by physiological and emotional changes that normally occur in preparation for sexual activity. Physical changes may include: elevated heart rate and blood pressure, increase in respiration, trembling, hot flashes and erections. Mental changes may include: strong sexual desire, giddiness, the persistence of erotic fantasies, etc.

    BF Mayfield

  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    I like it. Simple, covers the basics and some of the advanced, but is not intimidating or overly specific.

    Well stated, Brian.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    This response is offered only because I believe this thread is of significant importance to the community and deserves some input from relative nubes.

    I like the concise definition posted by B.F. I would prefer though that the term "sexual activity" be replaced by something more inclusive. Perhaps a troika of terms: sexual activity, erotic activity, meditative state.

    I think too that we need a karma of arousal which includes states of arousal as well as tools for arousal. Along any arousal path we need to recognize that there are differences in orientation, desire, arousal, and lust (hopefully controlled-moderated-tempered). For any male and any situation, the states and tools may vary.

    I don't guarantee however that I'll hold to these definitions over either the near or long term. I'm working my way through the tug-of-war in paragraph #2 of Artform's "Linear experiential map" of arousal. It's interesting that I think I'm well bought into paragraph #3 (a believer) yet I've not yet adopted bases of concrete decision and am suffering through choices as they present themselves. So, not yet 'rewired' I lack a 'rearview mirror' of sufficient width to clearly identify terms and junctures in this journey.

    The bad news: erections are currently playing a heavy role in expressing my state of arousal and need. (I'm like a young teen in his first sexual encounter -- not sure what to do next.)
    The good news: erect, I'm nearly two inches shorter than I was at age 20 so I'm not as obvious to others. :) :D
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Brian, Cockadoodle, rook and others, gentlemen all!!! :D :D :D

    Taking the recent posts by cyrez, dtmsmith and chuckjo2000 and others, not to mention your great recent breakthrough rook, I believe that we have to acknowledge that there are at least three initiating paths or more for this astounding journey, as well as a range of destinations, virtually all ecstatic potentially. This is why I cited Billy11's great reports/thread earlier in this great thread of rumel's. While it has undoubtedly helped many in many ways, the sexual arousal path has also been shown to be a confusing factor and developmental delay for others.

    If we say then that there have been repeatedly demonstrated paths, including:
    1. The Sexual Arousal Initiation Path,
    2. The "Letting Go" Deep Relaxation/Meditation Initiation Path,
    3. The Aesthetic/Meditation Arousal Initiation Path,
    4. The Partnered Practices Arousal Initiation Path,
    5. The Muscle Memory Training Initiation Path,
    ...and some truly niche approaches that seem to apply only to a few...

    And, of course none of these are mutually exclusive!!! My pattern of success was 4,2,3,5,1 seen, in priority, now as a recipe in hindsight (butt hind-site is 20/20 :D). sorry couldn't help myself...

    While the Sexual Arousal Initiation Path may well still be the majority choice/way, and yet we have been seeing over the last year more and more reports of other priorities and their pathways, even though one's sexuality is always involved, it is not necessarily the driving factor for many others. Again why numbers of us prefer to de-emphasize "Aneros as sex toy" and see it as "Aneros as the key to the much more inclusive wide range of men's health, happiness and well-being potentials".

    I collect scientific papers whenever I find corroborating or otherwise research on topics of interest. The Aesthetic Arousal has been measured in music in "Intense emotional responses to music: at test of the physiological arousal hypothesis" in Psychology of Music 2004; 32; 371. As the Abstract states: "The emotionally powerful music treatment elicited significantly greater increases in skin conductance and number of chills than the other treatments." I have mentioned the Stendhal Effect in earlier threads and members such as rorymuscle and I have reported experiencing arousal through this music/aesthetic pathway with synaethesia components too, for example.

    It is a wild wide world here indeed!

    all the best health happiness and welling-being and great raw sex all

  • I have to be emotionally aroused too in order to get anywhere with the Aneros.
  • [QUOTE=equalityboy81;87026]I have to be emotionally aroused too in order to get anywhere with the Aneros.

    likewise i have to be emotionally aroused i.e. horny to get anywhere even to relax my anal sphincters to accept the intrusion of my finger let alone my progasm ...

    in my case my penis almost always responds to horniness/arousal generally by turgidity and leakage/emission of precum - i know to avoid stimulation of my external genitals when seeking maximal anal/prostate pleasure

    ... butt my dick still seems in my case at 49 to be the barometer of both arousal and erotic pleasure - i avoided khakis and light colored shorts as a teen due to my near constant "male moisture" and generally shielded the view of my package as the outline of my erection was often overly obvious

    of course when i am aroused i hunger for touch sometimes my own or tht of my progasm and more often with a partner in my case my wife with whom i enjoy everything but anal

    ... i've cum to the point that i could at least consider or fantasize some sort of adult male fellowship in non-penetrative physical erotic activity (i.e., without anal intercourse)

    this forum has kinda ruined me as it has likewise helped me considerably - butt has also caused me to be somewhat less rigid in my thought life ... even and more rigid in my penile life (in spite of the "penis not" mantra)

    - rip
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, all.

    Interesting thread. Once again, the group spiraled down into a semantic crash and burn.

    Everybody here understands that the human brain is a sex organ. But, just because the brain is involved doesn't mean we have to over-think every aspect of the Aneros process.

    For one thing, not everybody has to start an Aneros session aroused (insert any definition you like). I don't. Simply having a foreign object residing in an intimate part of one's anatomy is frequently sufficient to kick-start the arousal-stimulation-orgasmic cycle, especially when previous experience has left a memory of how much pleasure that foreign object can trigger. Conscious intervention is not a prerequisite.

    Many guys on this site have reported "unexpected" P-waves and Os of various flavors while doing mundane chores and activities while having the Aneros inside. Somebody might have been thinking sexy thoughts while mowing the lawn, or not. Try it. You might get a surprise.


  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    'Mundane chores" indeed.

    I had an interesting experience a few months back.
    I went to the fridge to get a beer while wearing my Helix.
    Some interesing sensations on the way back.
    Thought I was about to cumm on the stairs.

    Some sexy thoughts help but do not overthink the process.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Interesting point Ten_s_nut. But for myself I can safely say that the majority of my Aneros sessions require getting highly aroused before starting them. The times when I have not done so, typically lead to dud sessions. Although there are a handful of times when my body was really aroused on it's own, and I was able to start an Aneros session with good results. This is a very rare minority for me at this point though. Of course this will vary for each guy.

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, Love_is.

    About being highly aroused before an Aneros session...

    Assuming that we agree a session starts upon insertion of the device, don't most users of the larger models like Max, Pro and Vice get an erection or "semi-hard" immediately, due to pressure on the prostate? I would think that counts as aroused.


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    While you may be fortunate to have frequent erections during your Aneros use, you are actually in the minority. If you look at 'ohmy06's Poll - Erection Frequency, you will see that 2/3rds of the respondents actually get erections less than 50% of the time. Equating arousal with erectile state is one of the misconceptions I had hoped would be dispelled when I started this thread, in the Aneros world 'arousal' need not be equated to erectile state, that is also why the last line of my starter post read "Should there be a specific notation of the irrelevance of ones penile state to the Super-O experience?"

    IMHO, 'B Mayfield's simple definition covers the issue pretty well when he composed the words "...may include..." as a qualifier. It is certainly clear from my own experience and the reports of others, erections are not a requirement for Super-O's, nor are they even the stastical mean or mode experience for most Aneros users.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Thanks for the pointer to the poll, rumel.

    I voted in the 90 to 99% category. That doesn't mean I usually have an erection during a super-O; most of the time I don't, but during a during a dry-O, most of the time I do.

    No doubt, many guys have successful sessions without ever getting erect and they are certainly "aroused" by any definition of the word. On the other hand, what do you imagine the percentage is for men who enter a session aroused but find no success? That would be the worst case. At the other extreme are guys who enter a session absent any arousal who get spontaneously aroused, erect or not and have a great time.


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    You said "... what do you imagine the percentage is for men who enter a session aroused but find no success?" Though my intuition has proven fairly accurate in recent years when compared to actual statistical data on specific topics/issues, it would be pure speculation to venture any percentages. In regard to your question without stating a number of assumptions. We would need to define what constitutes 'success' and then account for the evolving nature of the Aneros learning journey itself. Since different men embark on this journey with so many different expectations (some of mythic proportion) and different levels of anal play/prostate massage experience, I don't think we could even agree on what success is. In any event, while such research might provide interesting trivia, I doubt knowing a statistical percentage would prove of much value to those men who aren't having success (by whatever definition they choose to use) nor of much value to those of us trying to help them have 'success'
    Perhaps an alternate Poll question might shed some light on the 'arousal' aspect originally discussed in this thread. Using any definition of 'success' you desire and an arousal scale of 0 to 10 (0 being uninterested, 10 being your most aroused state).

    "What was your arousal level during your most recent successful Anerosession?"
    0-2 (very low arousal)
    3-4 (low arousal)
    5-6 (medium arousal)
    7-8 (high arousal)
    9 (very high arousal)
    10 (extreme arousal)
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    Great idea for a poll! The data would provide new users with a useful reference.

    In general, we have very little real data about this whole prostate stimulation process and its results. Perhaps Aneros should offer an incentive, like a next-purchase discount for replies to a questionnaire that is enclosed with the package. Design of the questionnaire would be difficult but do-able. Analysis of the replies would at least begin to build a database of interest to both users and the manufacturer.

    Best Regards,

  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    This has long been a problem for me. I don't think I am ever at full arousal with the Aneros. It just doesn't arouse me like my ex GF did by just seeing her. Porn and fantasizing seem to build some physical arousal, but it's the whole-bodied, whole-souled, mental arousal (like when I was in a relationship) that I feel is needed to make my Aneros sessions worth the time - i don't get to that state with the stimulae I have access to.

    I go for a long time without ejaculating as preparation, but that doesn't seem to do much. I need burning arousal, but I just don't feel it from the stimulae I have access to. And after a few weeks of non-ejac, I have a wet dream and am back to square 1 again.

    Seems hopeless :(
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    HI MyTurn
    Your post above is a good exposition of your problem. Your signature line is also very significant, IMHO. Aneros is NOT a quest for "penile pleasure". Have you read Cockadoodle's famous thread Penis, NOT ?

    When you deeply desire the wonders that the awakening of your prostate may bring to you, your penis will not be an issue and may well be mostly flaccid during your aneros sessions, as many of us experience it. All the best as your journey proceeds. artform