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Which one to use..
  • Hello everybody, first post ever here. I had a question not regarding what model to get, but which I should use, which might sound sort of odd, but here it is. I got the Helix last month, and the times I used it, I don't think I had any particularly great results. I did manage to find times when I got anal twitching if I held a contraction a certain way, though. Then this month, I get an email for the VDay Progasm and figure, well, I probably would get it eventually, and this deal is excellent sooo I'll just get it now. Once it arrived I figured why the hell not? I'll give it a try too, despite not having used the Helix too much. Now for me, it wasn't very difficult to get in and I didn't find it necessary to do the scoop, and once it was in, I liked the fullness feeling of it. When I started to use the Progasm, I think I got myself to some twitching a bit easier (though probably cuz of previous experience rather than just getting lucky with it). More recently, I used the Helix for a bit and in a sense felt it bouncing around/sort of vibrating inside a little bit against my rectal walls. Then I switched to Progasm and got the same feeling but a bit stronger or fuller. It's hard for me to reimagine and describe.
    Now, I've said all this to try and provide a little background on my experiences so far before asking the question - should I be using Helix or Progasm? Is it better for me to discover sensations, etc, with the Helix first before moving on to the bigger, bolder Progasm? Maybe I should just switch with whatever one I feel like using? I'm just a little undecided on which to use, since it seems that after using Progasm a few times, maybe that's opened me up more to being able to experience Helix better.
    Anyways, thanks in advance for responses. And maybe now that I've finally posted, I'll be around posting more often about other things.