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First Aneros Session
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    I got my Helix yesterday. I put vaseline on it, and lubed my rectum with KY jelly and put some on the the aneros.
    No problem getting it in. I was immediately feeling mild continuous pleasure once it was inside.
    I rested on the bed on my side for maybe 15-20 minutes and then began slow sphincter contractions.
    It felt pleasureable the whole time, but I didn't get super aroused. My penis became semi-erect without touching it, and I just did slow deep breathing and consciously relaxed my muscles everywhere.
    It was almost 11 pm, and I felt so relaxed that I turned out the light and went to sleep with it in me.
    About 6 am I awoke with a raging throbbing erection, and there was a huge amount ot what I thought was pre-cum on the thigh of the lower leg. It looked like a cup or more! The whole inside of the whole thigh was wet.
    The pleasure was still there, and I couldn't help but stroke my thobbing cock , keeping in mind not to ejaculate. After while,I got up to pee and removed the Helix. It felt like it was still there for the next hour. I had intermittent erections as I drank my morning coffee, but of course lost them completely upon reading the news. What a downer the news is!
    Later in the afternoon I tried it again, slowly contracting and relaxing my anal sphincter. My pc muscles contracted at the same time. I wondered if eventually only the sphincter will contract, and not the PCs with it? The PC contractions made my cock swell to max size and then relax rhythmically. It felt very good again. What I thought was pre-cum, I realized was actually semen slowly dribbling out of my peeslit. It dribbled for about 40 minutes. Of course, I stroked again but didn't try to ejaculate. Finally the dribbling stopped and my erection subsided. After removing the helix, it once again felt like it was still there for the next 30 minutes. I just felt a very comfortable warm sensation in my prostate.
    I think this is going to be very good for my prostate, not even mentioning how pleasant it felt.
    When I edged playing with an erection, my prostate used to ache and ache. Not this time.
    I think some of the fluid I found on my leg in the morning was probably semen. I vaguely remember hyaving pleasant dreams, but I don't recall what specifically they were.
    The whole experience was very enjoyable (I didn't expect a Super O!). I would never have chucked this sex toy/medical device in the trash!
    I'd like to insert it at bedtime often, and I'd like to know if this is an accectable thing to do frequently or not?
  • rimcttorimctto
    Posts: 2

    I've never fallen asleep with it inside me overnight, but I have had long sessions. I've also so had repeat session in one day. (especially when I first got it) My advice is to simply listen to your body. Use it as often and as long as you want. As long as you don't irritate yourself. If it hurts, take a break. I love going to bed early just to have a nice relaxing session before bed. Tonight is one of those nights.

    Take Care...