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How long do your ograsms last?
  • View Poll Results: How long do your ograms last? Voters: 9

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    Less than 1 minute 6 66.67%

    1 to 2 minutes 6 66.67%

    2 to 3 minutes 7 77.78%

    3 to 4 minutes 4 44.44%

    4 to 5 minutes 4 44.44%

    5 to 10 minutes 2 22.22%

    10 to 20 minutes 3 33.33%

    Over 20 minutes 6 66.67%

  • I can't recall the exact member who mentioned it in open chat, but someone brought up a point I thought was interesting. Time length of orgasms. How long do your orgasms last during and Aneros session? This particular member mentioned his lasted two to three minutes. I have to plead some ignorance with my Eupho. Sometimes it seems like multiple buildups and layers of orgasms overlapping one another. I would have to venture that my longest sustaining orgasm was maybe from three to five minutes. To be honest, I was so lost in it that I didn't really try to quantify a time. Last night I had an amazing session with my Progasm. After about five minutes I was having sustained orgasms that lasted easily two to three minutes, but these were more intense than my Eupho orgasms. I could feel a literal orgasm in my breasts, shoulders, penis shaft, everywhere really. My prostate was so stimulated that everything kind of melted into one big pleasure.

    So, what about anyone else? How would you describe the length of your orgasms? I think it would be a nice quantitative, albeit subjective in gathering the info, way for other members to see where they stand. I see so often one member asking another how they do this or that. Most are looking for keys or guideposts on their journeys. Perhaps this can be another way for us to describe where we are at in our own journeys.
  • jack38jack38
    Posts: 35
    2-3 minutes but depending on how everything is going, I'll get multiple Os for a couple of minutes apiece separated by 30-60 seconds. When things are going good, I relax briefly after an O then another one starts up right away.
  • i know this would sound unbelievable, but... when i got my aneors, the helix, i couldnt super oin at all.....
    but i trained, trained a lot... when i found out how i have to use it, it was great. i had so many super O's.
    but someday, i thought to myself.. hmm could i enlarge it ? i wasn't sure, so i continued to do my trainings.
    Cant tell how much i did, but it was enormous. all with the helix. the more i had trained, the longer the O's .
    Ok, the training couldn't be described in hours or days, more or less, how often i used my aneros. and i used it a lot, i can tell you... the most time cause i could not resist doing a session.. it was like a drug.. i had to do , i was so addicted to it:D !
    when i used my helix my O's were aroud 3-4 mins, each O.

    But, at the end '09 / beginnin '10 i thought to myself, why shouldn't i get the progasm, and test it out... and it was the best choise i made till today..
    Again, in the past weeks i trained , trained and.... trained :D when i now use the progasm, the O's seem to never ending! this may sound so unbelieveable, but i swear it is, at least it feels like it! once my O starts, i could only stop it when i get out of my bed!
    a few week ago i had a session with the progasm, hmm, where i could not tell if that was "one" ultimate orgasm, or an uncountable summary of O's.. for me it was like an ultimate O which lasted for 6.5 hours!!! this totally blew my mind, i have never done a session like this before! the next few days... omg.. sitting in a chair was pure pleasure... and thats without one of my aneros... BUT as great as the session itself was, i dont think i want to do a session like this again.. cause, a few days after this 6.5hour session, i wanted to do a "normal" session, cause it felt so great...
    but.. my prostate has been so milked out, that i wasn't able to get any possitive feeling at all. i lubed up, inserted, and thats it, nothing.. i had to wait about 10 days to feel anything good again.. and that were 10 hard days i can tell you :) cause i was so addicted using the progasm :)

    today, when i am doing a session, around 1-3hours, each O is taking around 12-20 mins. i cant really tell if an O is really that long, but one O is def. longer than 10mins.. i once checked the time on my mobile phone, when suddenly an O was about to begin, when it ended, i checked my mobile phone again and 13 mins have passed..
    It could be, that in these 13 mins, that the O were multiple O's, but i really cant tell.. cause the feeling was all the time going higher and higher and higher..
  • Can you say, WAY OVER 20 minutes? My orgasms sometimes last 30-40 even 60 minute. Sometimes repeated surges, over and over, sometimes continued bliss for a half hour or more.

    Truly addicting.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    My wet-Os (j.o., intercourse, etc.) were 2 seconds or less when I started Aneros. Over the years, my orgasm had become so brief that it was nearly masked by the ejaculation. Now the orgasm is distinguishable from ejac and lasts around 5-6 seconds. HFOs (wet) are a bit confusing since there's a lot going on, stim-wise, and it's difficult for me to sense the onset of an HFO until I'm several seconds into it. I use several stims to enter HFO and can't figure out which stim is in the driver's seat.

    Dry-Os are less than 20 seconds in length. The first one in a series is usually less than 10 seconds. The next one or two (when lucky) are more intense and difficult to time. My wife did the clock-watching once and came up with 14 seconds. (Hers are far longer than mine.)

    I've not made it beyond three. The last orgasm (sometimes the first) leads to Aura and the show is over. It's always good though ! :D :D
  • [QUOTE=rook;86453] HFOs (wet) are a bit confusing since there's a lot going on, stim-wise, and it's difficult for me to sense the onset of an HFO until I'm several seconds into it. I use several stims to enter HFO and can't figure out which stim is in the driver's seat.


    Can I ask what an HFO is?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    HFO="Hands Free Orgasm, (wet)" --- An approach to semen relese with no stimulation of the penis or pubic area. I've done this to 'finish' a "non-journey," Aneros session that was focused just on anal or prostate play, without an attempt at a dry-O. The term HFO might be mis applied here since there's not much in the way of an orgasm -- rather, it's a lot of stim that culminates in a large semen release and moves me into refractory.

    The most challenging game is to get real panting-sweaty from heavy anal play with the Helix, then remove the Aneros, assume a semi-Lotus pose, sometimes with the heel of a foot against my perineum and try to max-out on nipple stim. (anyone with a prostate cradle might try that)

    Nipple stim usually leads me into a streaming (drooling) release of semen without more than one or two very small pulses.

    I think the Aneros stim, followed by nipple-stim phase probably massages a volume of seminal fluid into the bulb area. Then a single pulse lets it quickly 'drool' out with just a uretheral smooth muscle "shove."

    I've only done this five or six times since I stumbled upon it late last summer. It's sort of a, "I can do this," type of thing. And, it checks the box labeled "HFO."

    This month I found that lip-stim could also yield a wet HFO. I did the lip-stim from a semi-fetal position rather than sitting upright. The lip-stim event was Anerosless from start to finish and followed dedicated Stage One (solo) Sensate Focus using mostly fingertips and wrist acupressure (pelvic point) with a bit of nipple stim. I was aiming for entry to a dry-O and the sudden ejaculation was a complete surprise. (probably an indicator that I'm not as far along with re-wiring as I'd hoped.) :(
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great Poll Rikaaim! :D :D

    Although I have experienced every choice, I restrained and voted twice. ;)

    3-4 minutes for a typical heavin' hootin' hollerin', multiple after-schocks, fully wrung-out Super-T although some go 5 or a little more; and Over 20 Minutes for the Calm Seas Os, the Above and Beyond Floating Bliss.

    The longest continuous Floating Bliss orgasms I have had are the ones I call Mitochondrial Orgasms, the vigorous campfires and musical buzzing all throughout the body with tintinnabulation and warmth all over. These have gone over four hours several times, and are a delight that can be intentionally called forth almost anytime now.

    Some of the most fantastic orgasmic experiences for me have been less than a minute of unique ecstatic all-enveloping aesthetic surprise, like a super-nova-in-a-second, with an exquisite afterglow trailing onward and into memory forever.

    IMHO, this is not a macho contest, butt a qualitative rather than quantitative sense of our deep possibilities.

    all the fullest range of all possible orgasmic, life-force, aesthetic, spiritual ecstasies all

  • Rook

    Thank you for your explanation good sir. With some acronyms I get utterly confused as to what they mean. Now that you've explained it, I feel like a fool for not knowing better in the first place.


    Both you and Cockadoole have expressed a sustaining and enduring orgasmic state. G-Raider also shares a similar experience in his orgasmic journey. You are one hundred percent correct in saying this is not a macho contest. We are not comparing or trying to make anyone feel bad about where they are in their journey. More than anything I am trying to gather guidposts along the journey. Such as, myself. I can have some orgasms that last 30 seconds or less, some that last around two to three minutes, and occasionally some that last four to five minutes depending on the situation. I have had several orgasms layer themselves upon one another to create a string of sustaining multiple orgasms, but I would not quantify them as a single orgasm lasting a duration of time that exceeds a few minutes.

    My biggest hope for this topic is that some of our members who have and are achieving lengthy, sustained orgasms can be an inspiration to those who think they may never reach greater sexual heights. I know everyone's journey is different, and we all obtain different results, but I kind of like to know where others are and look to them for guidance and hope.

    Also, Artform, in regards to voting twice, I made it a multiple choice vote poll. :P You can have picked more than one option the first time. The biggest reason I did this is because there is more than one Aneros model, and I know various models can lead to various sensations, pleasures, and ultimately lengths of orgasmic satisfaction.