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  • I have tried all sorts of things on my quest to achieve a Super O with my Aneros (well...5 aneroses), and this has included music recommended here and elsewhere. I have found that theta waves and stuff produced by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and Kelly Howell definitely enhance the experience of a session. I am at the point now where I can have many orgasms over the course of a couple of hours, and as all of you here who are at the same point realize, this can be a pretty exhausting experience. It seems like the meditative music only exacerbates the feeling of being tired at a point. So last night, my Itunes skipped to the next track which was the first movement of Beethoven's 5'th symphony. Right away the intensity of my orgasms got even better, and the energy in the music seemed as if it was transferred into the orgasms I was having. In all, I listened to over an hour of different Beethoven tracks before I called it quits and went for a Super T. I don't think there is necessarily anything about Beethoven per se that would make it any more effective than any other classical music that follows the basic theme of rising tension, climax and then a denouement.

    I've mentioned this in other threads, but I might as well do it here for those folks that might still be learning how to use their Aneros; I have been using been using a bolster pillow (neck cushion) between my legs with great results. (
    Basically I use the cushion is a bunch of different positions. Recently I've been starting out on my hands and knees with my Eupho (a model that I had put away for over a year btw because it didn't do it for me). In this position, the pillow, which is very squishy and about 8" in diameter, is between my legs. My penis and balls rest on top of the pillow, and I am able to squeeze the cushion with my thighs. Although this always feels amazing, my arms usually get tired, so I'll roll over onto my back with my legs splayed wide and have the cushion resting on top of my penis. I usually switch to my Helix at this point. Again, I am free to straddle the cushion and use it almost as a pole. I will roll to my left side with my knees bent slightly, cushion between my legs, or go the other way. I have also knelt on the floor holding the cushion between my legs with my posture upright and had a mindblowing orgasm this way. This ability to have orgasms like this, just as others have described here, has taken about three years to develop. I have used the Aneros, felt nothing, put it away for a long stretch. Used it, felt waves, masturbated to a Super T. I've used my aneros almost every day while I masturbate in the morning, and I will continue to do so. As far as lube, I just put a thin film of shea butter cream on it, and just slip it in...that's it. Early on I tried injecting lube and basically putting way too much effort into that whole process. The reality for me has been that I just feel like I need to have the Aneros in my ass (after smoking pot most likely), and so I lube one up and put it in there. Too much time prepping would kill the moment for me. I know I've rambled a bit here, and my original intent was to point out how great classical music is for enhancing Super O's, but I felt like I should share some of the things that have gotten me to Super O land after messing around (happily) for 3 years.
  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
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    Whose performance of Beethoven's 5th was it?
  • waveriderwaverider
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    Philharmonic Orchestra Bambergi