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Tantric says it all
  • Tantric says it all

    I didn’t want to post this until I had a few more sessions with this technique, but I read that some Aneros users were leaving. I don’t want to pass up the chance to help some one else who is struggling. If you can’t feel your prostate you are not alone I have been in “there” with a rubber glove. I can’t seem to find any sensations either. I did however break through last night. I read somewhere that the Aneros was more of a tantric experience than anything else. I thought tantric ok, that is breathing right, so I experimented with breathing until by body started feeling irregular. The next thing I knew I was about to have a dry-o. I will have another session in a few minutes. I will try to recreate what I did last night and see if there are similar results.

    Before some of you leave (the ones who are tired of no results) try experimenting with breathing.

    I have had what I believe to be a super-o with the peridise (pressure in my ears, hearing my heart beat in them loss of body control). The problem is that this was two years ago I have not been able to have the same experience again, but I have come close numerous time with the many techniques that I try. I think it’s time for another super-o….
  • Ok so I tried the tantric technique again.......................................................and................................................

    yeah it works

    although, while I was beginning to have great results I found myself fast asleep. I guess that is a side effect of working 13 hour days.

    I would have stayed awake if I used a different Aneros model though. I was feeling daring so I used a peridise advanced model (the smallest one). I used a progasm yesterday. I don't think I have time for another session tonight. I have to wake back up at 5:30 am. Bummer! I still feel a tingle which is good.

    It was very hard to build the feelings with the peridise for some reason, but once it got going it didn't stop for 30 minutes or so. It was completely amazing. I won't be completely satisfied until I have my first non-peridise super -o.