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Breakthrough of sorts with the Helix!
  • I had a nice stretch of alone time this afternoon. After I took a long hot shower to relax and clean up, I lubed up the Helix and retired to my bedroom.

    After 5-10 minutes of relaxing deep breathing, I started to massage my perineum and testicles with some nice feeling developing near my prostate. There was a good amount of pre-cum which turned me on quite a bit. But after a while, the massaging wasn't cutting it any more so I decided to lay on my side and relax.

    When I rolled over, the bed squeaked a little bit and my heart started to race. That squeak was the sound my bed makes when the wife and I are making love. That was the trigger I needed for this breakthrough. So I laid on my back and started bouncing on the bed like when my wife does the hot "woman on top" thing.

    The feeling in my rear end was so delicious I started to giggle with every bounce. All of the sudden my testicles felt like they were pulsating! I knew I was on the path to somewhere, so I massaged my testicles and kept bouncing on my rear like an animal in heat. What a hot feeling that was!!

    Then I erupted into a massive orgasm and shot cum all over my stomach, even though my penis was limp. I couldn't believe what had just happened: I had an ejaculatory orgasm without touching my penis for the first time in my life without having a wet dream. WOW! The total session was about an hour.

    I didn't feel lethargic afterward like usual. Although I had just had a massive sexual release, I felt energetic to the point of getting out of bed and doing a few things on the honey-do list.

    Can't wait to try this with the wife. Now I just need to find a way to tell her about this . . .