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Can't believe the possibilities!
  • I never thought that there was so much else available in sexual pleasure. This had opened up a whole new world of exciting possibilities and given me something really good to look forward to. My first attempts were haphssard and it was like going into the unknown. Now it is all coming together and I am very hopeful. My sessions so far have been very pleasurable but not as intense as some have reported. Sometimes, reading about the fantastic experiences some guys have, I feel a little depressed at the thought that I might never reach such heights. I must not let these ideas take hold. I am my own master and my experiences are unique to me. I have decided to shorten the length of my sessions. This is because whilst the first ten minutes or so are really intense, with surges of pleasure coming wave after wave and bringing an ever increasing erection (which I find so delightful in it's progress), all this wears off and little else happens.I am trying to gently encourage these initial surges.:grin: Thanks to all whose comments have been so useful and encouraging.
  • You have a good attitude, stay positive and you will get there!