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Purchased Eupho and Progasm
  • I have owned my MGX for almost two years. Yesterday I received my Eupho. I was very patient waiting for bedtime and when it came I followed the suggestions to properly prepare myself for my new unit. Just 15 minutes after lubing up and inserting the Eupho I was on my way. Such pleasant and intense sensations without any real effort on my part. I have been a flat on my back and stimulate the nipples guy, but I rolled over on my side and for the next 90 minutes just lay there and enjoyed the ride. I can see that I am really going to enjoy this one.

    When the mail arrived this morning there was my Progasm. I opened the package and I have to say I am somewhat intimidated. A big move from the size of the MGX and the Eupho.

    Thanks to those of you that have replied to my posts in the past and to Aneros for adding this level of pleasure to my 62nd. year of life.