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I received feedback on my problem i posted on a medical site, may be the cause.
  • Hello there sorry for the crap storm i have created with my problem but after i used my dildo
    i posted a question on a medical site and good a great answer which could be and is probably
    why i am having this problem finally some good news and a satisfactory answer to my problem
    at last.


    image Soreness inside rectum from using a dildo

    Posted by thecritta

    Hi there i am a male 26 yrs old and have used some rather large dildo's inside my anus on and off for quiet sometimes now but yesterday i used on of them and during the night i woke up and the inside of my anus was really sore like a red raw sore feeling and the pain is more to the front near the prostate and bulk of the pain is situated to the left front side of my anus and there is no blood bleeding whatsoever so i was wondering what could it be?

    RxBlogger imageimage
    You may have cause inflammation inside of your anus. The irritation from the dildo may have injured the anal lining and could cause infection.
    See a doctor for examination to get a correct diagnonis.

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    So what do i do now what action do i take any idea's to resolve this problem
    maybe i should waste more of the doctors time and go show him this response
    i have received to my question

    Thanks for all the help cheers thecritta
  • Finally an answer that makes plausible sense, and to think of how much time and the numerous hours i have wasted
    trying to diagnose the problem using google when all i did was take 5 minutes to post a simple question i hope this is
    what my problem is well it has to be something doesnt it, and all google could give me was problems like hemmaroids
    an anal fissures all with abvious symptoms that include bleeding.
  • Are you planning to see a doctor?