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Does anyone experience this?
  • I have used two of the smaller units and got nothing out of it. I then went to the Progasm given that I have a history of anal stimulation. I got this immediate involuntary spasms of my legs and even my arms. Incredibly pleasurable and erotic. But never have gotten the involuntary spasms in the anal region.

    Has anyone else experienced this with the Prograsm? Any advice about how to enhance this experience?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092

    Involuntary spasms manifest themselves in a variety of ways. The fact that you are experiencing them in your extremities is no less significant than having involuntary anal contractions. In terms of enhancement, while there are many ways to go about this, I should tell you that a lot of this relates to learning more about your body and how it responds to stimuli. Naturally some of this you know already from your experience with "traditional orgasms" (ejaculations). Some of these methods can be applied here and others are counterproductive. For instance, if you're are into nipple stimulation....use it. It can be tremendously powerful at ramping up the non-ejaculatory response. Conversely, since I first started posting here, I've advised against the use of penile stimulation. The reason for this is that it generally short-circuits the non-ejaculatory pathway, leading one back to an ejaculation instead. So in brief, it is time to explore yourself utilizing non-penile forms of stimulation. And remember, you are not limited to physical forms of stimulation either. Mental focus, fantasy, visualization are all extremely potent erotic sources for you to experiment with. Don't forget to check the WIKI for more information or my Sticky thread "B's Keys to the Backdoor...." which details my journey from the beginning.


    BF Mayfield
  • I remember my first sensations were in my calves. I knew that I was onto something special, but couldn't find a lot of material here to confirm whether these were preemptive and part of the rewiring process. I tried to focus on that sensation and with successive sessions learned to manipulate the sensations to my thighs and eventually to my groin. Relaxation and tiny steps of exploration got me to super-0 status within a matter of weeks. Enjoy these spasms and eventually you will transform them into something really special.
  • BF and others;

    THANK YOU for replying and being so helpful. Your posts taught me three things. First, it taught me the contractions were normal and not something to be afraid of, but enjoyed. Second, you taught me that these contractions are part of the path to the so called Super O that so many people have described but has alluded me. Third, you taught me what NOT to do. That is, I did the wrong thing when this happened and pursued the "traditional orgasm". I need to ride it out and hopefully I will reach the goal that we are all looking for.

    Thank you so much again.