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Am i just physically less sensitive than most?
  • aceyacey
    Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I'm new to this site and am very excited about the prospect of expanding my sexual horizons. However i have been practicing with my first aneros (progasm) for a couple of months and am not sure if i have achieved prostate orgasm or not. My whole body's muscles quiver and shake and i feel like i'm straining but i don't get any particularly fantastic feeling from it. My penis gets very slightly erect with minimal precum but that is it. I just wondered if that means that that is my limit and that my orgasms (if thats what they were) are just less powerful than most or i'm less sensitive than most?
    Any comments are greatly appreciated. If anyone has the same experience or concerns or if people have thought the same as me only to go on to further more satisfying results i would be fascinated to know.
    Many thanks
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Forum,

    From your description it certainly sounds like your body is responding to prostate stimulation. However, IMHO, there should be no straining involved, quite the opposite, as you relax into the sensations you will be able to discern the pleasure component within them. Success in much of this practice is highly dependent upon ones mental attitude and arousal levels before even inserting your massager. It can take many months and in some cases years of experimenting with varying techniques to achieve a Super-O, patience is a key ally in your quest. You may wish to read 'Buster's blog or follow 'darwin's posts from his beginnings here to get an idea of the travails some members have traversed in their journey.

    P.S. I sent you an introductory PM with some additional hints and tips to get you started.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    On the "straining" reference, if this is involuntary muscular contraction that you're describing, this is indeed consistent with this type of orgasm. However, if this is something that you are making yourself do, then Rumel is quite right, you don't need to go there. With respect to where you are at this point, I should tell you that you are farther along than some others. The truth is that everyone's process of awakening or "journey" as we call it here, is different. There are some users that have absolutely no response for a period of months and that is okay too. The fact that your body is responding in an involuntary way to this form of stimulation is a good thing. The more intense sensations will follow in time. Do yourself a favor....give it time! This is something the body must tune into.


    BF Mayfield