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Purchased my MGX yesterday.
  • Well this is my first posting simply because I only purchased my MGX yesterday and I have now joined the community today.
    I should add I am in my 50's and in reasonable health.
    I have had some problems with my prostate with episodes of prostate discomfort but nothing serious.
    Like a lot of guys I thought frequency of ejeculation meant I would have a healthy prostate.
    Thats my excuse for jerking off when my wife had a headache.

    Lets get down to business.
    I have already tried my MGX.
    I was realistic thinking "if it works it works" otherwise I would practice like so many have said.
    But oh how wrong I was...
    Upon inserting the MGX I started to dribble which was interesting to see.
    And although the sensations were not immediate it was obvious things were starting to happen somewhere deep down inside of me..
    I had read the instructions over and over so I had a fair idea what I should be doing but I wasnt ready for what followed.
    I could not stop dribbling at first.
    But then the more I allowed my anal muscles to do the work the more I came with pre-cum.
    I actually found leaning over a table the best position for me.
    I looked at the polls and I was intrigued with a poll about quantities.
    I could not believe how much fluid came out of me.
    Eventually I had my very first hands free ejeculation.
    Well it was almost hands free.
    I certainly didnt need to jerk off.
    I simply came and came.
    I didnt believe it was possible to blow so much.
    Today I feel fantastic.
    I dont feel any discomfort sitting at my desk as I have done in the past.
    And something that has absolutely amazed me is I pee like a 20 year old.
    I actually feel fantastic.
    My only reservation is I think I will purchase a larger model maybe the Helix.
    Maybe I will purchase a few.
    I have read a lot about prostate health.
    Today I found a site dealing with safety aspects of prostate massage and aneros use.
    But if the way I feel today is what aneros use will do for me then I will be making my aneros use a regular fixture because I feel absolutely amazing.
    This probably sounds corny but I really do feel fantastic.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi David59,

    What a great experience you are having. I am sure that there will be many guys who will be very jealous of the amount of pre-cum you experienced. I never really had much and have not missed it. Your experience sounds great and I completely understand you when you say how great you feel. It is almost as though you get charged up instead of the discharged feeling that often can accompany an ejaculation. The sky is the limit for you my friend, have a great time and check back in often.
  • Hi Buster
    thankyou for you kind words.
    I am really impressed with this site and the impartial views from gay and straight guys alike.
    Prostate problems can be a taboo subject with some guys but here it seems guys openly discuss their problems and its a great forum.
    I am intending to purchase another so that I can compare.
    Aneros works. I suppose its just a matter now of personal preference so I will keep you informed how I go.
    By the way I dont think I will be divulging my new found practices for prostate health with my wife.
    Like someone else in this group I tend to think prostate massage with the use of an aneros is a little too personal for me.
    thanks again.