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And a good day to you!
  • Permit me to be off topic if I may. I love the community that has come together to support Aneros and the fine products made available to us. In fact, I really feel like everyone supports one another. In hopes of furthering this sense of family and community, I would like to create a topic that is nothing but the utmost positive vibes and well wishes.

    I am a big fan of being thankful for the blessings that I have. I think it would be great to share three things or so a day that I am thankful for, and certainly encourage others to do so as well. Also, any positive comments that someone would like to make about another person, feel free to say them here! Go ahead, make someones day! I only ask that negative feelings and thoughts be left out. Sometimes it is great to vent those negative emotions, but let's try to keep that separate from these positive emotions.

    So, I am thankful today for another opportunity to do well in school. The work is hard, but it is my future and my choice to be a better person. I am thankful that I have been blessed to learn and work hard. I am thankful for all the friends that make my life better and full of joy and happiness.

    I would also like to compliment ALV again for the great photos of the different models of Aneros. I feel that they will be referenced to often and with much satisfaction. I also want to say Thanks! to Rumel for welcoming me into Aneros. You've not only helped me, but everyone else I see who is new. You've made some very magnificent contributions. I also admire Artfrom and his most unique and wonderful journey with energies and perpetual education in pleasure and energy combinations. Cockadoodle always posts in a clear and easy to understand manner exactly what someone needs in order to excel with their Aneros. Each post is a gem of information.

    I look forward to learning more about everyone and wish nothing but the best. To those going through difficult times who need a little extra positive energy and well wishes, you have tons from me. :)
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Wonderful of you rikaaim to give us, every member and guest here, all, this sense of the power of this community! :)

    The feelings of gratitude for the wholeness of the Aneros experience, the complementary practices, and all that they have given me, and mrs. a, and added to our joy and love together are irreplaceable and warm us through. You are right too in personalizing it, and personifying it yourself. This is a profound network of deeply touching personal communications in this new medium of exchange and community-at-a-distance.

    You might enjoy the great book The Gift of Thanks by Margaret Visser. A community of friends here at home like to reflect upon, and practice as best we can, an attitude and the actions of Radical Gratitude. In a very different era, in the late 1960s, one of my brothers "talked skip" and made friends-at-a-distance via that long-range communications using citizen-band radios. He made friends with folks in South Carolina chatting over the radio. When he died of cancer, 41 years ago, a week or so from today at age 19, many drove up to our home in southern Ontario, Canada, to be at his funeral with us. There is real power in community-at-a-distance.

    Soon to begin my fourth year here in this community, I have thought of my brother and his friends often, even as our community and friendships here grow and deepen. I fully believe that opening and radiating those feelings of gratitude are key energies in expanding and further opening one's practice here. That gratitude energy also helps power the transmission/exchange of these energies over long distances too. My own explorations have been moving into the Taoist tradition of remote energy sharing and using Chi and Shen for healing-at-a-distance.

    Rikaaim, I think of those great two or three evenings of chatting here where a highlight was your rollercoaster story/allegory that helped heelmont open to another level, and I thank you for stepping up then and on other occasions here. ArcticWolves, in addition to his great video help to all, in his signature has expressed that key shift from worrying expectations to joyful gratitude for what you do have, and I thank him for that regular reminder. And I thank chuckjo2000 for sharing his experiences that gave him great difficulty. In addition to my great gratitude to all of my Friends and friends as we are reshaping our community now, I would be remiss if I didn't thank my friend STARR831 for his moving and beauty-filled blog overflowing with his gratitude:

    thank you STARR and all the stars in our radiating cyber-firmament here always

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again Rikaaim! :)

    Enjoyed your post in chris_SoCal's thread "Are you satisfied?", and thank you for that. I think we are on the same page there too. Gratitude as energies enhancing energy.

    In my post there I ended with this: "For me, it is this whole capability that can develop with the practice, that is "adepthood" and is so satisfying and for which I am eternally grateful, a gratitude which enlarges and enriches as a participant in the process." I added the emphasis because I have recognized that my mind/body meant this even more strongly than I wrote it.

    This is a key virtuous circle, IMHO, in real progress and ease of progress in this practice. It goes back to ArcticWolves' signature about putting positive attitude together around what you do have/have-been-given-to-that-point. Nat's recent breakthrough is a parallel related process too.

    Deeply felt genuine gratitude is itself a very significant form of energy, one of the best for powering this journey men! :)

    thanks to all for everything that builds the sharing of energies here

  • Thanks for the bump artform. I do appreciate that you really feel the spirit of this topic and idea.

    I am grateful for the many chances life gives me to learn and grow. I enjoy the opportunity to participate in a community with a common interest, such as this one. Sharing knowledge and experiences is what makes this particular forum so great. There is no lack of willingness and openness between members. I have a deep rooted belief in a humanity based outreach. I have my faith and my beliefs, but I also believe that we humans are fully capable of taking care of this planet and helping ourselves with enough peace, understanding, and patience. What would normally be a topic, male anal and prostate pleasure, that would desperate many a group, we find a common bond and thread and aim for a mutual destination.

    I'm also amazed at the spectrum of ages that Aneros appeals to. It is most enjoyable conversing with so many varied perspectives. :)
  • Just popping in to wish everyone a bright and happy day. May joy come to everyone, good fortune to those who need it, and healing vibes to those who require them. Everyone had a great and fantastic day today!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I like the spirit of this thread rikaaim, thank you for starting it and you have a great day as well.
  • Thanks for dropping in Buster! I kind of like the idea of a place to be a little off topic, kinda relax and let loose, and just express oneself. And to that end, I'd like to express a very happy moment that I got to enjoy last night. :)

    I have been exploring my crossdressing side in recent months. For several years I've had tendencies, but shied away from them due to internal pressures that I put on myself to let loose and enjoy something, sound familiar anyone? (Maybe some are having internal pressures to feel pleasure from their Aneros?) And while I stifled myself when I was with my ex-wife, I never embraced that side of myself when I was single, the short time span between my ex-wife and current girlfriend. I was too nervous about someone else's judgment and opinion of who I am and what I am, so I buried my desires even more. I mentioned once long ago my internal wants to my current girlfriend a few years back, when our relationship was relatively new. The idea bothered her somewhat, because I'm bisexual and she thought I might want to be a girl or leave her for a guy. Since her fears were justified, I dropped the issue for a long time, but sill had my internal wants and desires. Long story cut shorter, last night I got to full on dress up in her corsets and got my makeup and hair done by my girlfriend.

    Now, last night was for a photography project of hers. She's using the shots of me for her class. So, it was easier for her to keep things in a "professional" perspective, but I enjoyed the entire night nonetheless. She is warming up to the idea somewhat, but it's not a turn on for her at all. I have to say that I felt like I was in a second skin in a sensual laced up back frilly corset, sleek and sexy elbow length evening gloves, a very glamorous jeweled necklace, and some highly sexy lace stockings that ended mid thigh. I felt like I could really let go and not care about someone's judgment for one night. It was very nice.

    I wish everyone the best of journeys in whatever it is you seek. May your prize, when you get it, bring you all the happiness and joy you hoped for.