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The frustrated club
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    This really is beginning to seem like I am not meant for this. I really am reading the wiki, and here; having no expectations. I would like some indicator that this is at least starting to work.. that would be encouragement enough.

    At most, I feel as if the Helix is touching my prostate, although it could be the placebo effect. Small-contractions later, and nothing. The session just feels like it is rapidly losing arousal. The temptation to stimulate my penis a little (NOT TO EJACULATION) so that I keep interested is just too much.

    After a few sessions, I know nothing will happen, so I go for the Super T, except I've never had a super T with this Aneros. It's a disappointing orgasm because I wanted it to be prostate-centred, or at least be penis-prostate combined. It is also disappointing because I have to build arousal (semen) back up over days (even though I am 27). So basically it's like it strokes my prostate like a feather for the first minute, then it's just a piece of plastic in there from there on.

    I can suspend expectations, but not disappointment. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't expect anything after some time. Months I've been at this and nothing.

    Anyone else been this low? Where do you go from here? Putting it in a draw and forgetting it = might as well give up for good. If I can't get it to work when I'm motivated, I am not going to do so next year when I have no motivation.

    Just some precum, some contractions, some indicator would be good. I totally believe in this. I just don't know how to make it work.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,785
    Hi MyTurn,

    Sorry to hear of your being in a consistent valley with regard to your journey. Having had some good mini-Os, sometimes interspersed with 'bad weeks' I've experienced both the good and the 'down' end of sessions. I trace many of the 'dud' sessions to relaxation and underlying stress issues. Here are some thoughts:

    -- Occasionally aim a session at just plain old anal play. Just childish self-exploration. Get an idea about what you'd like to examine and think it over for a day or two. Conjure a couple of methods. Do it and take some detours for just raunchy fun. No need to savor or look back on what might have been. Consider what you learned.

    -- Do some self-inventories of your ambient stress level -- there are plenty surveys on the web. I'm deeply involved in some of my spouse's health issues. During this I've had more than my 'fair share' of 'dud' sessions. I had thought I was able to achieve deep relaxation. (I was 'BSing" myself). Slowly, over the last month, my baseline of deep relaxation had crept upward and I was wound up like a top. I've decided to take a week off from Aneros to look seriously at relaxation and meditation. I'm on day four of this and am not seeing a rapid improvement.

    -- bama started a discussion thread on this -- -- I added a link to a multi-disciplinary web-page. How about taking a look and adding your cut and experience to that thread.

    hth, rook
  • Hey, MyTurn. Sorry you're having a slow-go at this.

    Now, here's a suggestion. It worked wonders for me. Cut the tail off your Helix. Modify it. NOW.

    The contact will be much fuller, and I think it may move you along. Let's put it this way. It won't work any worse. And it might be a whole lot better.

    Take a sidecutters and snip it off right at the bottom. Check the WIKI:
    Advanced Skills - Aneros Wiki
    Here's a picture of what I mean. I have smoothed out the spot where I cut it off using a Dremel Tool and some fine sandpaper. But you get the idea. Click on the file name.


    May be just what you're looking for.

  • I think Cockadoodle has given you a great suggestion. I was just thinking that perhaps the Helix is not hitting you in that oh so, Give it to me now! type of way. I was going to suggest the Eupho, having not modified any models. Cockadoodle has shown you and told you what I was basically thinking, get a better angle and penetration in order to stimulate the prostate more directly. I do hope you have better luck with the modified version. Please post an update and let us know how the progress goes. :)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello MyTurn, :)

    I have to wonder about whether you are truly able to get yourself aroused, and whether your living situation seriously hinders your sessions. From having daily chats with a friend here for the last year, he just recently found that his key to finding incredible pleasure from the Aneros sessions was discovering fantasies that made him aroused. He previously described himself as unable to sexually fantasize. It took quite some time for him to discover what turned him on. Which in my own experience I find bizarre, but everyones journey is different. But also, how can you truly relax and explore your own sexuality when your living with the restrictions you have where you are at? Have you ever thought of moving out on your own, or with a room mate? Remember, the Aneros prostate massagers is mostly a mind game. Trying new models and modifying existing ones can only do so much. Not to discount that approach. But I know you now own a few different Aneros models, so it's likely we can rule that out.

    Something to mentally chew on. :)

  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    Rook - That was some good advice. I aimed my last session (after reading your post. I couldn't reply at the time) to just be "exploratory", and while not "mindblowing", had some semblance of feelings - very mild. They probably lasted a few seconds, and I felt them fading, but it was better than the session before that one.

    Cockadoodle, rikaaim - I may try that. I want to be sure that I need to, coz there's no turning back. I can sometimes feel as if, possibly my prostate is being touched (could be a "Placebo" effect). If all you need is a light touch, I shouldn't need to cut the tail off to have a pressured touched, I don't think. Also, for hygiene (I have OCD!), I prefer to be able to grab the handle. I will bear it in mind though. Definately. Thanks.

    Love_Is - thanks for paying so much attention to my case. There are so many people here, but I always feel grateful when people remember my story. Yes, I do own the Progasm, Helix, MGX, Periside...I usually go with the Helix. Usually. I am sometimes able to get some piece an quiet before bed, but usually around 12am, so I never want the session to go beyond 1am or = tired at work tomorrow. Fri/Sats are so busy and my mum never seems to sleep those days. I can't move out because money is tight. I've looked at moving out, but I would be flat broke and in debt. I would prefer my own place, tbh, however small. I don't want to be living with yet another person dictating to me when I can shower, use X, do Y.

    Thanks to all!!!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Your welcome MyTurn, :)

    I have much compassion for what you are going through. I hope that someday you can have your own place where you will have as much privacy as you desire. This is an important part of discovering yourself.