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My first experience
  • I had purchased the Helix, never have had any other Aneros product. I tried it for the first time last night. I had read the posts and the instructions about the breathing and what to expect as far as the feelings and all, I didn't expect much since this was the first time I have ever tried it.

    I laid on the bed and alternated between my side (which didn't seem to do anything for me) and my back, I could begin to feel the Helix starting to work but then loose it and have to start all over.

    After a while, the wife decide it was her time with me and asked if I could leave it in while we had sex. I told her that I had read that it was not just for a "solo" session, but also for use with couples. I have had recent problems attaining orgasm, getting up for the job was not a problem, but being able to complete the job was turning into an issue for me. With the Helix, I had to stop several times before I did actually orgasm. When I finally did cum, my God, what an experience! I have never in my life had such a ball draining mind blowing orgam.
  • WOW! Sounds like a great first session!
  • Man that sounds great. I'm wanting to tell my wife about it, and use it during intercourse, but haven't worked up the courage. :rolleyes: