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Panic Attacks!! Help!!!!
  • Hi guys, I haven't posted in a while, but I really need some support right now. I have never been this scared in my life, and I'll try to explain my situation the best that I can- any advice or information would be very comforting and much appreciated. I plan on seeing a doctor tomorrow, but I'm not sure if a regular doctor is the proper route to go with this problem.

    Around november 2009 my sessions were really taking off, and they just kept getting better and better. The one constant problem I noticed after each session around this time was pressure at the front of my head- ?the third eye chakra? It never escalated into a headache or anything, but it was like my sexual energy was getting trapped in my head. I couldn't really ground the energy or move it downward into my stomach or lower into a safer place. I always tried to mentally imagine it doing just that, but to no avail. The pressure would subside by the next day, and it wasn't ever intense enough to concern me. I must of had some blockages somewhere, I don't know, but I feel responsible for not correcting the issue. I just didn't think it would ever become a major problem or anything. I just thought it was my brain rewiring or learning to orgasm like the other parts of my body. Also I started having pain in the lower pelvic region and prostate. It would feel better if i layed off the sessions for a week, or if I would smoke a little bit of dope, and then I could have a session pain free. Dope always gets me sexually aroused. Also, some issues from my past would arise at weird times during some sessions, but i ignored that part. I was definitely becoming more emotional after two years with the aneros and I was wondering if I was dealing with some emotional furballs.

    One night, after abstaining from marijuana for some months, i smoked way too much, and my body became electrically and sexually charged like never before. I didn't know the weed was going to be as good as it was. My prostate was pain free and very sexually aroused. I didn't want to have an aneros session while I was this stoned, but my body was totally craving one, and I ended up giving in. The session was amazing, and I knew that it was going to go somewhere I've never been before. I've never had a full-body orgasm, but that was what I felt coming. The pressure in my head was building and building, and for some reason I thought I was going to have a brain orgasm or something, so I wasn't alarmed. I felt the energy moving up my spine and just went with it, until all of the sudden an incredible surge hit me and I felt like I was falling into a black hole or something. I was zoning inward, and it just felt like I was falling into my brain and out of reality, and I totally panicked. Any pleasure I had ceased. I immediately stopped what I was doing, turned on the lights, and washed my face. I had an incredible amount of energy in me and a lot of pressure in my head. I was scared shitless and I thought I had fried my brain. I kept zoning out, completely ungrounded, and kept feeling like i was getting sucked into that black hole. The only thing keeping me together was pacing around the house, counting from 1 to 30, and reciting my abc's, and continually telling myself that it was just the weed, and that I had smoked too much. I didn't know what to do, but I didn't want to go to the hospital and explain what I'd been doing. I ended up showering just trying to relax, and I masturbated and ejaculated to try and release the sexual energy. That just seemed to charge me up even more. I couldn't sleep most of that night, but at some point i eventually did. I woke up the next morning somewhat dizzy and disoriented, with a minor head buzz, and I told myself that I would never smoke weed again for a session.

    I just tried to forget about the whole incident, but the pain in my prostate was just a reminder. It had gotten worse and it became incredibly inflamed and very irritable. It would just swell up, constantly moving, sometimes creating a dull pain, and I had a hell of a time sleeping. I visited the doctor about three weeks after my freak incident, and he diagnosed me with chronic prostatitis and prescribed me 500mg of Cipro and was told to take it twice a day for 30 days. While taking the cipro, the pain in my prostate started to go away. I thought I was going to be ok and start over smarter and wiser with my sessions. One of the side effects of the cipro I had was even more pressure at the front of my head, and i was again reminded of my freak session. I made it to day 15 with the cipro, when I suddenly had a major panic attack an hour after taking a dosage. I was completely disoriented, thought I was going to have a heart attack or stroke, and I ended up passing out for a few minutes or so before I came to. I called the doctor and he told me to get off of the medication immediately, and he said that it had been known to cause panic attacks in some people. That was on the 20th of November.

    Ever since that occurrence, I have been battling with anxiety attacks almost every day, and the pain in my prostate kind of just comes and gos. I still have some pressure at the front of my head- really noticeable during panic attacks. If I don't keep the anxiety in check, they turn into major panic attacks. I tend to get them at any time- when I'm relaxed, excited, working, or aroused. I can't have aneros sessions because sexual energy will cause extreme anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. Same thing when I have regular masturbation sessions with ejaculation. When I have these panic attacks, sometimes I'll get that feeling of falling into a black hole all over again and it scares the shit out of me. I can hardly sleep now, because i always seem to become sexually charged when i go to bed and ready for the aneros when I don't want to be. I ended up going to emergency on december 18th for a panic attack, and the doctor said that my body was still getting rid of the cipro and to give it time- which I have. I ended up back in the emergency on jan. 18th and they ended up giving me alprazolam which completely gets rid of the anxiety. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow, because I don't want to be stuck taking anti-anxiety drugs my whole life, but they have provided me comfort so far.

    I have also become highly emotional since january, and I find myself crying a lot. Memories of childhood that I have suppressed and tried to forget about have resurfaced with a vengeance. I know that I have to confront these issues, because my body won't let me ignore them anymore. I ended up crying at work today with these memories bubbling up. I never realized how traumatized I was by some of them occurrences. I'm probably gonna see a therapist after my doctor visit. Am I just having emotional furballs? Chakra blockages? I'm definitely gonna deal with them. Did I awaken my kundalini improperly? Am I possibly suffering from kundalini syndrome? Sorry for this long ass post, but I'm scared, and now I'm on a new journey trying to find some answers and some relief and comfort.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    i think you should go to an anxiety specialist. they can be very helpful. this is clearly what you need. find one that does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

    and i strongly suggest you stop smoking pot, possibly forever, but definitely till you get this under control

    about being on medication for the rest of your life, i would definitely not jump to that conclusion. it is more likely that you will find a way to resolve this without that.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Wildturkey,

    I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through. I am sure that it is a bitch to have to deal with as much as you have these last few months. I am by no means an expert, but when I was reading your post, I was reminded of a few different posts that I have read over the years here at Aneros and over at the KSMO site. It sounded very familiar, so it would appear as though it is a trail that has been blazed before. "Kundalini syndrome" is the first thing I thought. My assumption is that you will need to deal with some of those childhood issues which in the long run would probably be good for your mental health anyway. I hope that you can find some kind of therapist that will be knowledgeable about this syndrome and how the energies in your body can can play these tricks on some people. Any number of forum members (not me) that know about this phenomenon will be better at addressing this with you. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
  • Well, I was trying to send a PM, but that didn't work. So, instead, I will just post here what I wanted to share. :)

    I found a very interesting video a few months ago talking about Kundalini. More specifically, this is a 3 part video series where one man talks about his experience, as well as the highs and lows associated with it. The part where you talked about great pleasure followed by intense fear very closely resembles what this person describes. I'm going to post the link for you. If you feel like it, watch the 3 part series and see what you make of it. Perhaps you can relate to some of it, perhaps not. I only offer you what information I have found, and found interesting. I wish you nothing but the best of luck. I must admit, I always had a mild fear that this might happen. It's a fear that stems from the ideology that if one tries to fly with the angels, one may encounter a demon along the way. I ultimately believe everything will work out. My best wishes to you again.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953

    Fascinating rikaaim, thanks for sharing the link. I hope in some way it is helpful to Wildturkey
  • rookrook
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    Hi wildturkey,

    Very sorry to hear about the situation and you have my sympathy and best wishes for a smooth recovery. In a very small way I'm attuned to the situation as my sessions had been making a 'wrong turn' during orgasm and triggering a migraine response. Reduction in initial arrousal going into the session and not ramping up quickly has helped; however, I've been tempted to shortcut things with a substance. Your post hit me in a timely fashion -- brought me up short. Thank you -- thank you for sharing !

    I agree with the above posts. Your observations seem very candid and honest. They point to a need for some professional help. I agree with Darwin's observation that you'll probably find excellent potential from a course of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (aka "Cog.").

    Suggest the following:
    -- ask your M.D. for a list of therapists who specialize in Cog. Therapy. and are compatible with your insurance/HMO.
    -- rather than picking at random, ask each Therapist for a short interview session. (that should be offered without any charge) Many folks don't do this and expend valuable weeks before thinking that they could do better with someone else. Find someone who's communication style is a good match, acts confrontative, and won't put up with any shit or manipulation. A good understanding of MMO would be a plus -- along with his or her willingness to "lurk" the Aneros and KSMO forums.

    -- do a Google search for Read a couple of the documents and compose your list of questions to ask and items to discuss. Get the most out of your 10-15 minutes with each candidate.)
    -- Read over "Multi-axial diagnosis, DSM-four." -- --
    (Therapists who practice "Cog" are working with Axis I. When the therapy isn't working well, a Psychiatrist may be brought aboard to prescribe medicaton.) If anyone proposes medication without therapy or proposes it preliminary to therapy, ask some tough questions and get answers that you understand.

    In therapy:
    -- Start with an Axis I diagnosis that you buy into.
    -- Get the "furball" surfaced, completely. Encourage a joint path that will yield SKILLS to deal with the furball, and deal with panic and anxiety triggers. Avoid dwelling on the past or childhood. If you're not moving forward after a few sessions, look for someone else.
    -- Early on, find out if you've been self-medicating. Ask tough questions about "dual diagnosis."
    -- When it becomes time to journal, do so.
    -- If "GRAPES" are suggested, never skip a day -- good way to inventory the breadth of how your are taking care of yourself. Remember though that the "P" stands for Pleasure. Select wisely!
    -- Once you've got the past figured out, look forward.
    -- Find coping strategies that work for you. Then find growth strategies that work.
    -- With your therapist, work out a healthy roadmap for return to cool orgasmic adventures.

    Take a look at the recent posts by artform and Zaneblue regarding Shakti -- not something you want to get into at this point -- might be injurious -- The Shakti web site helped me start to understand why my sessions were taking a wrong turn and how that relates to fear, anxiety, stress and how I've handled those in the past. The website also explains responses in the limbic structure and it's connections to other parts of the brain.

    May you find peace, relaxation, freedom from pain, freedom from anxiety and, may there be nice healthy orgasms in your future!

    How about starting a BLOG covering this detour in your journey. I for one will follow your progress and be part of a wildturkey cheering session. Keep HOPE guy!

    hth, rook

  • BadgerBadger
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    Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? I encountered a similar situation but without the mary jane and pressure in the forehead, and mine was apparently exacerbated by a change in blood pressure medication: it wasn't doing its job and my blood pressure was too high, plus I was inadvertently getting some caffeine. It was definitely a difficult time. Stay off stimulants of any sort.

    I feel for you. Lord willing, you'll soon find out what's going on, and you'll be on your way to calm seas.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    wildturkey, IMHO, 'darwin' nailed the straight to the heart solution and 'rook' nailed the detailed steps to get there. You've got a lot of energy buzzing around in your body looking for peaceful resolution. You already know you have old wounds yearning for healing and could use a little grounding. The weed needs to be set aside so you can get back in touch with your inner Gaia and the assistance of some directed therapy. It's going to be alright, you have more thoughts of positive energy being directed at you right now than you can imagine.
  • A lot of panic/anxiety is related to how we breathe. If you can learn to control your breathing and breathe in a healthy way, it will go a long way towards helping.
  • Bonjour à tous Devrait avoir peur de l'Aneros J'ai demandé à des experts de ce forum arform Rumel etc ... Pour me rassurer sur ce poste merci.
  • hello to all should be afraid of the Aneros I asked some experts in this forum Rumel arform etc ... to reassure me about this post thank you.
  • Weed has been connected to anxiety and depression.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I too am very sorry to hear about what you've been going through. I also concur with Rook and Darwin's suggestions to get this attended to professionally. In the case of finding a good therapist, it is like creating any other good takes some effort and patience to achieve. Fortunately, as Rook mentioned many therapists will often allow you to "speed date" so to speak, and this will save you time and money. I would differ on his assertion that you do research in the DSM-IV however, this is a resource that was designed for psychologists, psychiatrists and other health care professionals. I assume this suggestion was made to provide a prospective therapist with some focus, but frankly, many people get totally wound up reading through DSM-IV, diagnosing themselves and assigning themselves with a whole host of new issues to deal with. In fact this can often generate more anxiety particularly in an individual who is already out of sorts.

    In terms of not "dwelling on your childhood", I'm of two mind's about this. While I am not a proponent of strict Freudian psychotherapy (psychiatry), I do believe in the existence of deep seated issues that can have far ranging ramifications in one's life. Unfortunately, it is very often the case that such issues have a genesis in ones childhood. Applying a program of cognitive behavioral therapy to such conditions can be like putting a band-aid over a festering wound. It is sometimes necessary to do the debridement first, in essence to air out some of this stuff before new behaviors can be learned. Identifying the source of these things can therefore be quite helpful. Some years ago I had the good fortune of finding what I would call an eclectic therapist who borrowed from several philosophies. His approach in my case was to do some clearing first then to go about helping me lay some new track to follow.

    On the use of recreational drugs, I would strongly urge you to discontinue it at this time. People often engage in such things for relaxation or as a coping technique. Ironically these substance often magnify and exacerbate underlying problems. At the very least they will prevent you from having the kind of clarity that you need to promote your recovery.

    As an alternative and in the meantime (while you're looking for a therapist) I might suggest vigorous exercise combined with a sensible diet (this is a topic in and of itself, but if you're not doing so already, start taking fish oil). As silly as it seems, exercise can often channel some of this undirected energy and provide one with the bodies own natural substances (endorphins and other neuropeptides) for relaxation. Eating well can also sate ones desire, grounding some of this also keeps the body in balance. Thirdly, vigorous exercise can help redirect your focus. Perseveration is one of the hallmarks of this kind of energy imbalance. Exercise can sometimes break the mind-lock by shifting focus.

    Best of health to you, and please keep us apprised of your condition.

    BF Mayfield
  • bf mayfiedl beautiful post I've learned many things a big thank you to you for your support on this forum.
  • ????????????[QUOTE=New111111a;85452]Weed has been connected to anxiety and depression.
  • PanPan
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    Hi wildturkey,

    I have not posted in a very long time but your story struck a chord with me so I hope you'll find this useful.

    I am now in my third year of having a severe panic disorder. Mine was the result of accumulated stress due to chronic pain and insomnia. In simple terms, my body released adrenalin so frequently for so many years to cope with severe pain and exhaustion that eventually it simply could not stop. Although emotional balances may be involved, not all panic disorders are rooted in them. Some people experience panic attacks from something as simple as fluctuating blood sugar levels, which is easily rectified by eating small protein-based meals regularly throughout the day. Although traditional therapy is helpful for many sufferers of panic disorders, it's important to know that sometimes all one really needs is a snack.

    So, while I generally agree with the advice given here including the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and seeking the advice of a medical professional, I also feel compelled to mention that those methods did not work for me personally. And more importantly, I would warn you to be cautious of any doctor that hands you a prescription for a benzodiazepine (like Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, etc) and does not inform you that you have a 50% chance of becoming physically addicted to that drug if you take it every day for more than two weeks consecutively. Any well-informed, self-respecting doctor will tell you this before they hand you such a prescription. If yours does not, I recommend you seek treatment elsewhere. Trust me when I say if you think the panic disorder is bad, you absolutely do not want to find out what a benzo addiction is like.

    However, I'm happy to report that since I started using acupuncture and herbs a couple months ago, my symptoms (including panic attacks) have reduced by at least 90% and are continuing to dissipate quite rapidly. Just 2 months ago I feared that my condition might be permanent, now I expect to be fully recovered by this Spring. My only regret is not having further explored this alternative approach to anxiety disorders sooner. It could have saved me a great deal of time and frustration.

    Speaking about the herbs in particular, some of the ones I found most helpful for panic attack symptoms (heart palpitations, feelings of fear, tremors, breathing difficulties, etc) have no known side-effects, drug interactions, or even risk of over-dose and are surprisingly affordable. So they're quite safe to use in conjunction with Western medication and therapies like CBT.

    Another advantage of seeing an acupuncturist, you can tell them all about your Aneros practice, kundalini concerns, chakras, etc, and chances are that not only will they listen with an open mind, they will probably have advice and/or treatments to assist you. The energy stuck in your Third Eye for instance, could in all likelihood be cleared in one or two acupuncture treatments. Which from my point of view, makes a lot more sense than spending several months or years talking to a traditional Western therapist about the uncomfortable sensations in your head and what repressed memories and emotions they might represent...

    Finally, a word on cannabis. As a recent medical cannabis user (didn't touch the stuff for well over a decade until California passed Prop. 215) I have to say that cannabis as an herb is too complex to be blamed for the condition or dismissed as a treatment. There are 2 types of cannabis commonly used, Sativa and Indica. Cannabis Sativa (which is the type most commonly sold on the Black Market) acts as a stimulant. However, Cannabis Indica generally acts as a sedative. Although they can be very helpful for many medical conditions, personally, I have no use for Sativas. I am so sensitive to Sativas that I would never risk using cannabis that I have not personally bought from a medical marijuana dispensary and verified as being a sedative Indica strain. Even then, I have no guarantees that a new Indica strain will feel right for me until I try it and find out. That's part of the inherent risk of medical marijuana use and a good reason to be extra cautious when experimenting with a new strain.

    As a long-time sufferer of an anxiety disorder, I can tell you that the difference between Cannabis Sativa and Indica is like night and day. Not only do I find Indicas to be generally acceptable for use with my anxiety disorder, I have found some strains actually alleviate or even prevent some of my anxiety symptoms. Of course, I'm not suggesting cannabis as a course of treatment for anxiety disorders. I simply want to clarify that when speaking about cannabis, one must keep in mind that they are speaking about an herb that can act as either a stimulant, a sedative, or even a combination of both. Having an anxiety disorder and using random cannabis strains is a bit like playing Russian Roulette. You're taking a huge risk every time. But if you know exactly what, if any, strains of cannabis are appropriate for your condition, and you have reliable, consistent, and legal access to them, the risk is much lower and the side-effects far more manageable.

    I'm sure the excellent responses in this thread have already given you much to consider. But speaking as someone who is just now coming out of the same type of condition that you are apparently just now beginning to experience, I highly recommend that you first be extremely cautious of potentially addictive prescribed medications and secondly, be open to alternative treatments in addition to traditional Western therapy. Personally, I am convinced that I spent about 3 years longer with this disorder than was necessary precisely because I took the traditional Western route and failed to incorporate the far more effective alternative treatments I am enjoying now. What is working for me may or may not work for you, but considering how safely and easily it can be added to the traditional Western approach, I think you'll find it well worth investigating while you consider your options.

    Best of luck,

  • Hey guys, thanks a lot for the support. Your sympathy and understanding is really touching, and it just goes to show what a special community we have on this forum. It really means a lot to me and I'm not going to let this panic situation ruin my life. I gotta be strong and I've started reaching out to my family for support. Just to answer a few comments, i definitely agree with quitting the dope, and I should've mentioned that I haven't smoked any since that incident. In fact I flushed the shit down the toilet when I was trying to regain my sanity- made me feel better. Since november 20th, I quit smoking cigarettes and weed, and i quit drinking alcohol and caffeine. Any kind of stimulant I've tried to cut out of my diet. I drink a lot of water, and I take a really good multivitamin, fish oil, and other supplements for the prostate. Exercise has always been my cure all, but its also been causing anxiety. I need to just keep up with it though because I know how many times it's pulled me out of a jam. Physically, I've always been in good shape.

    Last night after posting, I started to emotionally break down. I couldn't take it anymore, and I had to call my brother and tell him what an asshole he was to me as a kid and how much he hurt me growing up. When I was a kid my older brother used to always bring me down. I was always kind of a nerd, and my interests were always considered gay and retarded, and everything I ever said was stupid. He was always wrestling around with me and taking it to far, hurting me, and bringing me to tears. I was like his test dummy and he liked to find weaknesses in me and verbally find a way to make me cry. He was all about the tough love, and I guess I didn't handle that well. I was like the beaten dog, cringing every time he raised a hand. It hurt my confidence and self-esteem. I absolutely hated him, and swore I would never be anything like him. We've always had an awkward relationship and talk very little with one another, but I've learned to forgive him and establish a brotherly connection. He took things out on me because he was insecure with himself. It made him feel better about himself putting me down. He apologized and told me how sorry he was for being that way to me and we had a good long talk. Wow, that lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders!!!! I can't believe I didn't confront him about it earlier. That was the block between us, that made it impossible for me to ever really talk to him as a friend. We are close again and I feel so good about that.

    Went to the doctor, and he agreed that I could definitely use some cognitive behavioral therapy, and I'm on my way to getting that set up. He also highly recommended that I take an SSRI anti-depressant called Citalopram 20mg. He said that it would really help to relieve my symptoms. He said that the therapy on its own could be just as effective as the medicine on its own, but that with the combination of the two- I would possibly have an even better chance of getting over these panic attacks. I don't know guys, I've always been a little wary of anti-depressants. My dad acted weird on them until they found the right one for him. Depression runs in my family, and he seems to think I'm suffering from a case of it. Before the aneros, I was really down on myself all of the time, but the aneros changed my life and helped with sadness. If anything I'm just down because of the way i've been feeling the last few months, so yeah, I'm kind of depressed now and scared. I just don't want to get started up with anti-depressants. I took a pill when I got home, but I think I'm going to stop right there for now, and wait and see how this therapy turns out. I also have to start cutting back on the xanax i'm taking now for the anxiety, because the doctor said it can be incredibly habit forming. Its what helps me sleep though, but I'll have to brave on without it and only use it during the worst attacks.

    I don't know, what do you guys think about anti-depressants for this? I told him my concern with them, and he seemed to think I wouldn't need to be dependent on them for too long. I know i'd be on them for over a year though probably, I'm just worried about the time when it comes to weaning off of them.
  • Thank you Pan for this post, I can't imagine what you've been going through, and I pray that you can become 100%. You're post really gives me hope that I can get over this and I thank you for that. I really need to look into acupuncture. Also, I can agree with you on the Xanax. I've been taking a 1MG pill at night for over a week now, and my anxiety in the morning seems to be worse than it ever was before. Its also not as effective as it used to be. It was prescribed to me by the emergency department, and no, they didn't warn me about the addictive affects. The doctor I seen today was really worried about me using it and warned me to stop taking it, which i'm going to try to do.
  • rookrook
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    .. hug
  • Hi guys, just figured I would update my status and situation and share some things with you. Even though it wasn't easy (scared as I've ever been in my life), I have gotten over my panic attacks!!!! I just wanted to say thanks for the advice and support. I ended up going in for cognitive behavioral therapy and acupuncture. I also decided not to take the anti-depressant Celexa.

    Pan, I really appreciate your recommendation to try this. My first acupuncture session was a scary experience for me. I felt so overwhelmed by energy and felt like I was losing myself in that black void again. I was also crying and mumbling weird things uncontrollably- it seemed like my body was letting a lot of negative things out. After the acupuncture, my body was twitching and jerking- in my head and arms and feet, and my eyes were widening and blinking uncontrollably as well. I was having crying fits, and was spaced out and confused, and the acupuncturist kind of looked at me like she didn't know what to do. She showed me a lot of different breathing exercises which I still practice. thanks chrisSocal

    Is that normal at all for acupuncture?? I guess I don't know what happened that first time. I went home from it and had one of the worst panic attacks ever- thought about the hospital, but that just would have meant more drugs. Eventually, I settled down, and was able to sleep- also felt pretty great the next day, except for a major increase in the pressure in my head. After a few more acupuncture sessions, the pressure in my head went away, and they started becoming a relaxing experience for me- really helped with sleep and anxiety. I feel like a lot of blockages in my body are gone now, and my energy seems to flow easier. I still do the acupuncture from time to time. I've also dealt with the furballs in my life, and I feel so much better about myself, and I've embraced my strengths and my weaknesses with love.

    The cognitive behavioral therapy seemed to help a lot as well. I'm a lot more positive these days, and I try to avoid negative thinking. I realized that I was in control of my panic attacks and I learned to turn off my fight and flight response. thanks darwin and rook for the advice here. I still deal with a little bit of anxiety from time to time, but now I know how to deal with it.:rolleyes::D

    As far as kundalini syndrome, I have no idea if that is what I was going through or not. After reading about it, it seemed like that was what I was going through- but I really don't know anything about it. And really it doesn't matter to me if it was that or not. Is the Super O some sort of kundalini awakening???? Or is it a different kind of energy entirely???
  • plantationplantation
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    bonjour a vous wilturkey I'm glad you're better one small question do you think Aneros and responsible for your anxiety attack??
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
    Hello has you wilturkey I am satisfied that you get better a small question do you think that aneros and responsible for your panic attack???
  • jackfrostjackfrost
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    A few weeks ago, I came home late at night after doing some shrooms and then a ton of weed.

    I popped in my aneros, and felt something similar to what you described, but without any anxiety about it.

    I felt my consciousness and entire "body" merge into a single point, like I was just one dot of existence.

    I know what you went through was horrible, but honestly, I would love some change. I've been pretty stagnant lately.
  • GeogioGeogio
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    All these toxins the respondants are imbibing are nothing more than chemicals (organic or synthetic) that your mind and body are trying to deal with. In other words you are poisoning yourselves and the body/mind reaction that is cognitively being rendered to your psyche as a "high" is really the effect of the poison. Animals which can and do injest poisons react much differently. By using taste and smell they never injest those substances again.

    In the plant realm, these toxins are chemicals that have developed over time to protect the plant and increase the survivability of that particular species. It's poison, it's a developmental poison which guarantees the survival of the species. It's adaptation of the species through chemistry.

    Other poisons are those that have been derived (alcohol etc....). But poisons none-the-less. Humans are unique in that we interpret these reactions as pleasurable when in reality the baseline response one is feeling is a metobolic rejection of a self induced poisoning.

    I hope you all realize that. Next you must think of why the body is rejecting these poisons. In some instances the chemical which is being rejected may be (and most probably is) damaging organs and other tissues and your body is trying it's best to rid these intrusions from your system.

    In essense and with all serioiusness, you are slowly committing suicide when you injest these toxic bombs into your system.
  • HelixerHelixer
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    The last time I had a panic attack with hasj was after reading this or similar thread ;)
    Needless to say I was inspired after this old thread was regurgitated and bought 5 grams of polm.

    Really it's all in your own hands. Using cannabis with the wrong attitude can cause serious psychological distress perhaps even psychosomatic probs. The same applies to chi.
    Chi is energy that can be used for good and bad, if you see how karate experts can break thru a ton of bricks with their hands it can obviously have destructive power.Sounds like you'd been using the destructive power of chi on your third eye chakra and as we all know thc amplifies those effects.

    When I'm orgasmic my chi is so much stronger, when I'm orgasmic and stoned my chi is magnified even more that it feels as if my chi is gushing in out of my chakra's like a geiser. I think the clue is moderation, don't put the emphasis on any one of your chakra's coz this will cause inbalance and then you'll need something like acupuncture to restore the equilibrium.
    Again chi is not an energy to be causually played around with(think of the karate expert) at the same time if you use the orgasmic energy and circulate it equally around all your chakra's ppl like Mantak Chia and other tantric masters would say it's beneficial and rejuvenating.
  • plantationplantation
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    Hello has all a small question I need to be reassured if we spank aneros twice a week and what we ejaculate he(it) nor would have no danger of top credit note of chi? How to be on not to make ever too much aneros? Thank you but sometimes aneros makes me one can fear when I read some post(post office) on forum. Thank you for your help(assistant). Be that a woman who has orgasm vaginal every day has a risk of having too much of chi??
  • HelixerHelixer
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    J'essaierai en français.
    On peut améliorer l'orgasme par circuler l'énergie(chi) au corps. Ça, c'est bon.
    Wildturkey,probablement, a mis l'accent sur épiphyse au lieu de circuler l'énergie également. C'est ça, probablement, a fait causer les problèmes, donc pas l'orgasme elle-meme. Donc,ne t'inquiète pas!
  • hydrogenhydrogen
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    In essense and with all serioiusness, you are slowly committing suicide when you injest these toxic bombs into your system.

    I can feel the anger and self righteousness in this post. Remember Yin and Yang need to be in balance. A little bit poison is good. Moderation is the key. At peace with yourself, your food, your body, and treasure every breath you take. There is no poison around us. Every thing deserves existence as you and I, no more and no less.
  • A appreciate that it may be a bit late to bump this thread.
    I seem to be going through something similar to wildturkey. I too have issues with pressure on my 'third eye'.
    I think mine was due to attempting KSMO but somewhat forcing it and occasionally smoking weed the same time. Whilst the feeling of the 'tension waves' up to the head feel good on weed, they dont feel to good sober. However, because i was desperate to get results (terrible attitude i know) i kept at it till a had a panic attack during the summer. I suffered from terrible anxiety after but it slowly went away but not completely. 
    However, again I think I accidently trained my body to do the same thing so every time i body gets tension waves to the head that like wildturkey says, feel like sexual energy stuck up there.

    I'm wondering wildturkey (if you are still around) how your progress went and what worked best for you?

    Any other help would be welcome as this anxiety makes me incredibly emootional. 

    PS I htink part of the problem is that i cant let go or something as i have real trouble crying even though it feels like that would help
  • Hi, mrawesome. Look at my breathing exercise blog, I circulate the energy around my body as I breathe and find that it centers and calms me. I don't know if it works for everyone. Look at the point where you pull the energy down from your head and back around. When it goes through your heart it may feel like your chest is hot and you may feel emotions then. Stop your attention at that point and try to let go of the emotion. It feels to me like letting go for an orgasm. You may feel like sobbing or shaking or something else. Don't analyze what happens, just let it happen. I have emotional blocks that I discover by doing this. You can figure it out later.

    Just breathing like this is usually enough to calm me even without the emoting. You can move the energy out of your head by breathing and circulating in this way, not letting it rest in your head. I put this together with help from friends and intuition but I could be way off in your case. Please let me know if it helps.

    I do have a lot of experience with assisting people with emotions so you can PM me if you want.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
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    From a physical standpoint.. does the pressure build when your heartrate goes up while doing other stuff? like joging or working out?
  • Not really no. It really feels like my entire body is pulled towards the top of my head. I usually feel fine exercising.

    With regards to breathing, I'm trying to do the breathing exercises you mention in your blog but any type of relaxed breathing makes it worse :(

    It's almost like it needs to be released (it does reduce a bit after ejaculation) but can't. I'd really want to express emotions but it just can't seem to get out
  • Maybe artform or AneRico could help you? They know a lot about energy. I'm guessing that your attention is getting stuck in your head and the trick is to get it circulating again, but I'm just guessing. Someone else had this problem a while ago and got lots of advice. search the forum for kundalini. I think grounding in the earth helped but have no idea how they did it. Shaking your body like in shivering has helped me with fear. Just pretend you're shivering, listen to your body and maybe you will get to the fear. If I shake enough, some of the fear is released and I may figure out why I'm afraid. Best wishes.
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    watch the movie "the notebook", my wife says it always make her very emotional.  Ive never seen it, so cant comment.  I'm pretty sure its a chick flick, but hey, if it works.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
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    Might sound stupid but have you tried NOT thinking about energy or chakras and all that stuff? we're not really supposed to be messing with those parts of our mental "control center". Through Aneros alot of people have been empowered with a control of subconcoius functions that we're really not supposed to regulate consiously. Personally I have some issues with my heart rate when I'm in a good aneros period.

    There is not much we really know about our prostate... but one thing is sure.. it does seem to be connected to more than pleasure. With me it controls the heart rate even before pleasure or anticipation of something starts to build. Ant the beats are much harder and faster than during regular intercouse.

    With that said.. you don't need to "move energy around" or things like that to have a superO. I just focus on the feeling of it, and I superO pretty often nowadays :) focusing on it is another way of amplifying it, without the visualization.

    I have NO control of my heart rate when in my superO periods. But in another thread the guys and I concluded that it might be my pulse dropping to far.. so the heart suddenly starts pumping hard and fast all of a sudden, while doing nothing but relaxing.

    I wish you the best!

    Might be prudent to lay off it for a while though..
  • Mr awesome, how are you doing today?
  • Hey, i seem to be doing a lot better today.  Just hard to see that when your in anxiety mode. I'm hoping that it's not something that crops up every time i get aroused in the future.
  • Glad to hear it!