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Enhanced Editor - smilies and font size
  • inc63inc63
    Posts: 22
    The Smilie drop down list shows in grey on a black background until 'mouse over' when the selected item turns black on light blue background.

    I find the grey on black difficult to see and would like the grey to be somewhat lighter to provide a greater contrast with the black background eg light grey or off white on black background.

    Also, at present all but 2 smilies are not showing either in the drop down list or the panel on the RHS. Some of those not showing can be inserted using the alpha/numeric characters and some can't in my browser (tried both Firefox 3.5.7 and IE 8.

    I find the Font Size drop down almost impossible to read - black numbers on almost black background - until 'mouse over' when shows as black on light blue background. Presumably it should be the same as for smilies - a light coloured numeral on black background.

    A part from these two areas the new editor seems excellent, and a great advance on that in the old forum software.

    I expect Aneros Support will get around to looking at/altering/fixing these matters as soon as they tick off more substantial tweeks to the system.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello inc63, :)

    I agree with everything you have mentioned. I can only assume they are working on de-bugging and tweaking more important functionality of the forum at the moment. And will hopefully get to this as time permits.