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Do I need to go without ejaculation for a while before using aneros?
  • I have used the sgx, and helix on and off for a while now (6 months). I'm in my 20's but have never really had the aneros push out fluid like it's supposed to do? I might get a dab of precum but even when I bring myself to orgasm manually with the aneros in I don't see any more amount of semen or fluid then I do without the aneros. Does this just mean I don't have any built up fluid?

    Also for better results should I got without orgasm for a while? I usually have one every day or so.
  • Hi, New1, welcome to the forum.

    No, not necessarily. But what I do sense from your comments is that you have expectations of what "should" happen. It is those expectations that are bothering you. Don't be concerned with the amount of fluid you may or may not be producing. It has nothing at all to do with your rewiring process.

    First, not everyone experiences the ejection of "precum" (Cowper's Fluid) with the use of an Aneros. I never did until I moved up to a Progasm which by its very size puts more pressure on the prostate. I have had countless sessions with my Helix and Eupho with very little precum flow. I believe others will tell you the same thing. Along that same line, when I do have Super O's, there's usually more than enough to satisfy me!

    While many of us prefer to practice semen retention, it's not a prerequisite for Aneros enjoyment. Some guys do ejaculate less often while using their Aneros, but others ejaculate with every session. It's a very personal and individual decision. And by the way, the amount of ejaculate is usually not affected by Anerous useage, in my experience, but rather by how long it is between ejaculations.

    Personally, I prefer not to ejaculate in conjunction with an Aneros session. I feel that I actually do have a better result that way. The neat thing here, New1, is that you get to experiment with it, and see what works best for YOU!

    Read on...I'm sure others will have an opinion on this, too...they always do.
  • At your age, I doubt semen retention is necessary. But give it a shot and see if it helps.