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Where does this pleasure come from? Anyone really know?
  • Is it psychological? Physiological?

    Is the pleasure felt in the prostate because there is something literally going on there, like receptors receiving something to cause the pleasure?

    Maybe this is impossible to answer... but, where does the orgasm feeling come from?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Scene from ”Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” :
    Contestant is nervously fidgeting, frowning, perspiration dripping from his brow, unable to speak as the MC says “For the last time the question is – Where does the orgasm feeling come from?”

    'jackfrost' - That IS the million dollar question isn't it? I have no idea but if you knew would it really make any difference in your life? Would you enjoy orgasms any more? any less? Being the inquisitive species we are, perhaps orgasms are meant to remain a mystery so that we will continue to pursue them?

    Personally, I like to think it is Gaia's gift to her mortal earthbound children. :) I'll bet you forgot that Gaia is mother of Uranus.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi jackfrost and rumel!!

    This begs the question: What is consciousness? A challenge of the ages yet to be met, but science is now working more vigourously than ever on this trail! So Psyc+Phys to begin!!

    Few would deny that orgasmic responses, even when we've learned the key skill here of separating orgasmic responses from ejaculatory response, are energetic and are driven by some forms of energy that also drive the body and its brain(s). So, what is the primary source of energy production in our bodies? You may or may not be aware of them, but our mitochondria, the formerly independent life-forms that now function as organelles in every one of our cells, are our prime energy sources.

    Mitochondria, retain their own DNA, convert our food chemistry into bio-electricity, behave in coupled to mass organized/synchronous ways giving various cell masses (organs, muscles, etc.) the appropriate bio-electric pulse (including most critically your every heartbeat). They are our timekeepers and regulate cell death. There is now a growing branch of medicine dealing directly with the health of your mitochondria and mine, since their health effects ours directly and in so many essential ways.

    I am convinced, after testing the hypothesis in several ways on myself, that at least one of many types of orgasmic responses that I experience are direct, fully and solely, Mitochondrial Orgasms. Further, they are the energetic drivers of all other forms of orgasmic responses. What motivates them in this? What is consciousness? What about our exo-conscious or para-conscious dimensions and times?

    See my blog: Ecstatic Energies and the Art of Living for more and try the Search function here entering "mitochondria" as the term to search and "artform" as the author to search. This is the last word that should convince the ego in all of us to give up control, deeply relax and let the body/mind find its own way to orgasmic energetic ecstasies!!!

    all the best curiosity driven deeply relaxed energetic ecstatic journeying all

  • I was actually thinking about this last night in the middle of a really great session....amazing the things that pop into my head while I am cumming my brains out. In any case, the one thing that came to mind was the response that a shark has when you touch the sensitive receptors located on the snout. Scientists have found that sharks, if given the choice, will always choose a snout massage over food (assuming they aren't really hungry!). When the snout is touched, they literally fall into a trans like state, and the thinking is that they are experiencing pleasure here. It would be interesting to have brain imagery scans during a super O and during a shark snout massage to see if there is any similarity in what is going on physiologically.
  • Don't be silly. They come from God, gawd, Allah, Cosmic Muffins, Almighty Cloud Beings.

    WTF cares...they're magnificent and every one of us knows that while we're experiencing them, they must be from some god somewhere because I'm praying the whole time...."oooooooooooh GAWD....." as I gasp for breath. ;-)