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My Journey Begins
  • Greetings forum members! Just received my Helix via FedEX overnight mail... I am more than ready to embark on this mission of self discovery. My journey begins...

    Let me first start off by telling everyone a little about myself and why I am here. I am a 41 year old straight male, married to a very beautiful woman for over 12 years. My wife is 32. With regards to my sex life as a married man, it has been excellent! However, there has always been some unspoken reservation from both sides in terms of sexual experimentation, a part that was lacking for most of our sex life. If my wife knew how far I would go sexually, if she knew that I occasionally pleasure myself anally, she might think that there is something wrong with me? In her mind, If he knew just what a dirty little slut I am and want to be in bed he might think I'm weird or perverted? The root cause of this sexual reservation was total lack of communication! It's all about embarrassment and not being real about who you are sexually! About a year ago my wife opened topic of anal sex, which we had on a rare occasion with her as the receiver... but we never really talked much in detail of this sexually charged activity. On this day my wife began to reveal to me just how much she loved anal pleasure and that she would often masturbate with a vibe in her ass. She said that she could have multiple orgasms just with the vibe in her ass alone! No clitoral stimulation, just pure anal orgasms... she asked me what my feelings were on the matter... needless to say I got very turned on by this and I made it perfectly clear that I was turned on! I also let her know that she could confide in me about anything! She asked if I had ever experimented anally during masturbation.... this was my cue! Come to find out, throughout our marriage, we both had been pleasuring ourselves anally during masturbation sessions... this opened up a whole new door into our sexual lives, and now... let's just say that our sex life is nothing short of amazing! We are now open about everything and especially where sex is concerned! She's a respectable woman by day and my dirty little slut by night! I am now free to be who I am as a sexual being and everything is open for discussion and or experimentation! To give you a example of where we are at... Recently my wife asked if she could shave the pubic hair around my balls and ass in the shower... and of course I obliged! After we got out of the shower she took me to the bedroom, told me to bend over on all fours and she licked my ass, burying her face in my ass, licking and tickling my balls and dick with her gorgeous tongue! I've always licked my wife's ass but could not believe it was happening to me! She says that it really turns her on to lick my ass. Needless to say, I am in 7th heaven fellas! Which leads me to why I am here... I believe that I have come close to a Super O through anal stimulation... mini O's if you will. I have been coming to this site for a few years now but I have never purchased or owned a Aneros until today. I had a hard time believing that I could achieve a anal orgasm without a vibrating device. I've tried all the techniques listed on this site but every anal stimulation device that I have tried never puts me over the edge. After reading some posts on this site I now believe that the vibrating anal devices I was using were the very reason why I could not achieve orgasm. Also, no other device is shaped quite like the Aneros... I am now convinced that the Aneros is what I have been missing this whole time and now I will know for sure! I am now off to the bedroom to give the Aneros my first try! I will add more to this post to let everyone know how it goes :)
  • RdrRdr
    Posts: 32
    I enjoyed reading this! Looking forward to hearing some results from you. :D

    Hope you will enjoy your journey.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi Vanakin41,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forum,

    Thanks for the informative self introduction. Since you have been lurking for a long time I am sure your are aware of the Peridise unisex anal stimulators. It sounds like you and Mrs. Vanakin would be an ideal couple to employ these teasers and report to the Forum your experiences. In the meantime, may we encourage you to invite your wife to join our little community as well? She is more than welcome to share her enthusiasm for exploiting all the sensual pleasure spots our bodies have to offer.
  • Thank you for the additional info rumel, I really appreciate it! Also, thank you for your reply Rdr, I look forward to sharing more experiences!

    My first Experience with the Aneros Helix:

    Well, it did not happen yet but I am in no great hurry! There are many factors which could have attributed to not going over the edge yesterday. The main factor, I was just too damn excited and had a very hard time relaxing and could not concentrate. All I could think of was achieving the Big O, lol! I bet this is a common problem for first time users! It felt good and I had what I consider a few mini O's, but after two hours of this I could not help it and had to relieve myself via penile stimulation. Oh well... it will happen, when it happens! I will just enjoy it for what it is right now. In any event, my wife is with her family overnight.... not that it is necessary that she is away, but it will give me a chance to try all the exercises and techniques without any distraction. This will be my second time... I will report my results later. Good Night!