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Too horny for Aneros
  • Do any of you think it is possible to be too horny for an aneros session? I seem to find that the longer I go without masturbating before a session, the worse the session is. In seeing how I'm in my 20s and have a higher libido then some of the wiser men in the community, could having too much sexual energy stored up be distraction. Just wondering what others think.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    In 'B Mayfield's 'BEING OPEN AND READY FOR THIS EXPERIENCE' post in the Sticky: B's Keys to the Backdoor thread, he states : “Recognize however, that there will be times when YOU ARE NOT READY for this experience. One, when you are not appropriately aroused, you’re tired, not feeling well, have things on your mind etc. None of these things in and of themselves would normally stand in the way of a traditional penile orgasm, but when it comes to the Aneros experience, I believe you really need to “feel 100%” in order to allow it occur. The second instance where “you are not ready” for it, is when you are TOO AROUSED! Yes, I know it sounds like a contradiction, but being too aroused can lead to impatience and impatience is a “deal breaker” here. How? It can cause you to ignore the subtle sensations that should be the focus of your attention. You need to combine, and summate these smaller pleasure waves to make larger ones, and so on. With both of the above you must be honest with yourself with respect to where you at. The appropriate questions to ask yourself are then, " I up to this tonight?" or " I trying to hard?!!" In the end, making this simple determination will save you time and frustration.”

    I agree with this statement and you have verified its accuracy as well with your own experience. High arousal is important for a good Anerosession, but too high a level can be a distraction.
  • Thanks Rumel. Guess this is another thing I should keep in mind as I continue on my journey.
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    25 here and have the same problem. I think I have to work out some schedule where I ejaculate normally one day, wait a day and then have an Aneros session. At the moment I just use the Aneros every few days. Can be quite frustrating.
  • Yeah Deep. I guess gauging your libido is another aspect the young ones have to keep in mind while on this journey. Keep it up man you'll get there. I started a blog and wrote about my results after what was a frustrating night.