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Boy butter extreme
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I bought this about half a year ago in a not quite sober mood. When it did arrive I was afraid to use it because it said it desensitised, seemed like a healthhazard(I still don't really trust it for frequent use).
    I was having trouble sleeping last night, probably coz I'd been practising the KSMO and around 2:00 I still felt some echo effects so I watched the new Sherlock Holmes but even after that my prostate was throbbing and I could feel it was really needing it....this at thoughts went to my Prograsm which I'd neglected for months coz it used too much lube. But I did really want to get raped last night and then I remembered the Boy Butter seemed a waste not using both...just for once,I thought, so I lubed up. What was remaining on my fingers I started fingering my asshole with. First just one, but when I saw how easily it was sliding in and out I felt the urge to really rip my asshole open...2....3.....4.....and though I felt tempted to fist my asshole I was already sufficiently open for my just slid in no problemo...this desensitising has it's advantages....

    I then just lay back and did my chakrabreathing and within minutes the pleasure had already built up and just surrendered to the contractions, it wasn't quite a Super O but very close. I was dry orgasming for about 5 minutes when I decided to change position to see if it really was the compulsive orgasming of a Super wasn't :( After that I wasn't able to get back to the same pleasure level(perhaps it had desensitised my prostate?) also I was worrying about the time but at the same I wanted more.....not a good frame of mind I guess, also I wasn't only not tired at all I was even more energised than before.

    Eventually at 7:00 I pushed myself to go to bed prostate still throbbing completely energised still wanting to get fucked.Still it was the quickest multiple orgasm I've ever had at least without the aid of hasj
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    I was at ANE, an industry trade show year before last and met up once again with Eyal Feldman the owner/inventor. At the time he was just introducing Boy Butter Extreme which contains Benzocaine, a local anesthetic in a oil/silicone/water emulsion. He designed this product for folks into fisting and large insertions and such. Not that it can't be used for anything else but frankly, when it comes to prostate massage where we are really about tuning into subtle sensations, adding something into the mix that diminishes ones capacity to perceive those sensations is ill advised. If you're having problems accommodating the Progasm, I think your program of giving yourself the 'ol 1-2-3 with a traditional lube is a better idea particularly if you got at it slowly, giving your sphincter time to relax and adjust.

    I understand that you had the stuff anyway and you figured what the heck, but then again, you might have been able to really get off had you not used this stuff. Just a thought.

    Could you have desensitized your prostate? Yes, temporarily.

    BF Mayfield
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I agree, still I think it might be ideally suited for 'quickies'.....probably coz the aneasthetic takes time to take effect and this transistory period then is a window of opportunity. |While normally taking 10-15 minutes to relax it in, this is the time(with this stuff) it takes for the desensitizing to fully take effect.

    But as stated, it's a discomforting thought having these chemicals anywhere near my prostate. Next time I want a quicky I'll just go on until the multiple orgasming recedes and then quickly take a shower and wash it all out

    Just as an afterthought my prostate at the moment seems very sensitive, maybe this desensitizing is comparabe with going to the dentist and the painkiller wears off and you become temporarily even more sensitive. Think I'll see today what the 'day-after'effects are of this bb EXTREME, without the fisting and shit.....can't wait for my session with Peridise