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Considering a smaller model?
  • CyrulCyrul
    Posts: 21
    Hi All,

    I have been an Aneros user for a few years now. I started the journey with the Progasm (I was a little over-enthusiastic, it took a while to get used to the size). I later added a Helix, and have had some success with both. At this point I have had only a few mini-O's, but am at the point where I can relax and at least enjoy every session.

    I am thinking of getting a smaller model, particularly the MGX. I have noticed that with both the Helix/Progasm, I seem to have the most intense sensations when the device moves itself about 1/2 way out of me (so no P-tab contact). I have read that the MGX offers a more of a "hugging" fit to the prostate, and the smaller size makes me think it might be a better fit. I initially did not consider the smaller models because I am 6', 155 lbs.

    Also, the distance from the P-tab to the stem (MGX) looks a little bit shorter, and I have had some success with moving the tab slightly lower that where it rests naturally.

    If anyone has had any experience/success with switching to a smaller size model, I would really appreciate the advice!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,738
    For me, Helix is an all-purpose, versatile tool. Goes home and has no tendency to eject or work 1/2 way out -- so we're different physically. I've had the 'partially ejected' situation with Progasm though. So, know what you're talking about.

    In comparison, MGX with more bulk in the lower body gives me better Cowpers contact with more pre-cum flow (not a big thing with me but many guys comment on that.) MGX seems neutrally balanced and gives about the same amount of pressure against my Prostate whether I'm on my back, belly or standing (I like it better than Progasm as a post-session edging and mb tool in the shower.)

    MGX downside: The greater bulk makes it less agile for me. I can't 'wag' it laterally like I do with Helix. It stays pretty much in the middle of the road. Not my tool for massage along the posterior rectal wall or anal canal.

    Suggestion: Since something is causing Helix to partially eject, donsider an SGX. I'm your height but have a 45gm (moderately enlarged) prostate. SGX doesn't reach up near the bladder neck (I crave that). However, it does some nice 'tickling' further down my prostate that other tools can't do. Several times I've achieved anal mini-Os from the SGX using condom lube. I pack a 'tailless' SGX for foreplay and for TaiChi.

    Remember that Aneros gives a full refund on SGX and MGX. Why not try an SGX and if there's nothing there for you, send it back and order an MGX. :D
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    my helix stays in no problem but my progasm does partialy or fully eject itself if i get into certain positions or bear down on it im 6' and 78 kilos sorry dont do pounds and innitially could only have super-o's with helix but recently have had great success with the progasm it would not hurt to try the mgx except your wallet :wink: