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Help with my mgx
  • I received my mgx yesterday and could not wait to try it out. I got ,home took a good hot shower and gave myself a good enema which felt very good. I then laid on the sofa to relax for a couple of hours. As I laid on the sofa I began to practice my breathing and contractions. I then lubed up very well and inserted the MGX. It felt like nothing I had ever had in there before. I positioned my body on by back with my knees bent about halfway up to my chest and began my breathing and contractions. It felt very good in this position but better on my stomach with my leggs out straight. On my stomach it felt great, while doing the contractions and slow breathing I felt that fealing that you get just before an ejaculatory orgasm. Then I finally had a hands free orgasm. I was having a hard time keeping the contractions consistent and doing them for very long.

    Does anyone have any advice or similar experience? I am looking forward to my next session and hope that it will turn out better. Is there a better way to "practice" my contractions so I am able to control them better?

    Thanks, G
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi mudflap,

    It sounds to me like your first experience was a pretty good one. There are many guys that feel "nothing" for months. I would try not to expect too much from your sessions because it will be then that you get the best results.

    I found in the beginning especially that on my stomach was the best position for me. From there you will be able to branch out. The key here is find the best position and then nurture the feelings forward. It may take a while so don't get discouraged. It is a time for self discovery.

    Have fun.