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  • hi ya!
    this is my first post, i havent posted before but i had this very very intense feelings i think i have to tell you..

    I bought the aneros (helix) about a year ago, and it was for that time the best toy i have ever used.. i had really nice superOs, but a month ago, i thought, hmm why not go a step further and buy a new one, and i bought the Progasm, which.. oh my god.. this is now three weeks ago
    ok, first things first... when the progasm arrived i was a bit shocked how big it was, and i had more or less problems thinking how do i get it in..
    the first session i made was not that exciting but it felt still great, giving me only mini O's. but the feeling of a more filled up rektum is great too!
    After one week it started to beginn to feel real great, i had my first super O's. and i was thankfull for that, but in the last week... i hmm dont know how to describe it.. i will try..
    Early in the evenig in the third week, i decided it is time for a sesssion :) i used plenty of lube, also inserted lube into my anus, inserted the progasm and this itself felt already outstanding, something like never before. so i undressed myself, lying naked in my bed i started to breath slowly to relax my body.
    After a few breathtaking i felt that the outstanding feeling is going even further... and my muscles already started to rumble. and soon i found myself orgasming like never before, it was so much intense that i thougth "why havent i made the choise buying the progasm before"... the hole session took about 3 hours and then i made a short break, about 30 mins. watched a bit tv sitting on my chair and feeling orgasmic again (without the progasm inserted!) while i was still on my chair and havin mini O's i couldn't sit there any longer, the feeling is too good again, so i decided to do another session.. it was about half past midnighte..
    So i warmed up the Progasm and did another session, this session was even more intense.. i couldnt believe what was going on.. right when i inserted the progasm the O waves started, and it felt never ending, i was lying in my bed orgasmic, but i felt flying orgasmic or surfing the ocean on orgasmic waves.. whooaa what a ride, i can tell you.. then 3 hours later i somehow had to do a little break, cause my body was so multiorgasmic and i thought my body is going to explode, couldn't handle the enourmus please anymore... unbelieveable... so i made a break again for an hour or so... and i was watching tv again.. and again i was havin mini O'S whithout the progasm...
    it is now half past 4 in the night, and i thounght, hmm another session or go to sleep.. (a very hard decission to be made after the 2 sessions before!!) i chose to sleep, that hasnt changed anything.. as i was lying in the bed, the feeling got stronger and i had SuperO's.. wohaa then, later that night the feeling faded very slowly away, but when i touched the area where the perineum tab is pressing the feeling got stronger again and i was again havin Orgasmic waves.. i was not able to sleep cause the pleasure did not cut off! at 6oclock in the morning.. next session.. ohh my god... this .. i cant tell you...

    Oh man.. this was so heavy.. and the very thing is.. that this was was only the first day.. it continued the next 3 days.. oh man.. as i write that, i get in the mood to start a new session...
  • G-Raider-

    Sounds like the progasm is the KEY for you! Thanks for sharing your incredible experience! Hope you decide to keep posting the forum. ;)
  • hell, yeah ! it really is :D the key to the wonderland :)
    The K-tab is working very nicely too , i fogot that to add in before :)
  • Hmm is someone else having this...
    Everytime the K-tab is hitting the spot, for me it seems / feels that the k-tab is somehow sending shockwaves along my spinal column up to my head, every time those shockwave hit my brain its like a bomb :) booom, great!! i really appreciate the progasm :D