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Questions about my journey and the Eupho
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    For those of you that are unaware, I am a user of a bit over two years, and I have : Helix, Progasm, and Peridise. However for a number of months, I have been without the Helix. At first it did nothing for me, but now gives me some nice sensations, which I think are mainly caused by its movement. While I am unaware of what sensations are caused by the prostate, what I like most about each Aneros model is the movement. Therefore, I have recently been interested in maybe buying a Eupho.

    The reason that I think I waited, was because I wasnt getting much success. The Helix was a starter model for me, which did nothing. And then I dove into the Progasm, because I thought I might need more direct prostate contact (plus I like a fuller feeling). While the Progasm did lead me into a slight amount of success, I still wished as though I could train my body in a more casual fashion. Therefore, my next goal was to find a Peridise. While again with mild success, I felt as though each model doesnt make a session better or worse, but different.

    Now Im at the point that I want a Eupho, but am skeptic. In my journey, I have yet to experience any Os, but instead only p waves and buzzing. However, being a user of over 2 years, I feel as though I am not a new member as well. At the same time, reading a lot of post on here, members are saying that Eupho is only for advanced users. Does this mean that this model is not right for me?

    I know its hard to do, but Im also wondering if members can talk about how much different (if at all) the sensations are between the Euph, and other models.

  • I have an unrelated question about the Eupho: Why does it cost more than the MGX, Helix, etc.? If anyone has an answer I would like to know...
  • The movement of the Eupho is subtle, I don't think it would be of benefit to those with limited success.
    I would invest in the HypnAerosession MP3/cd instead. :idea:
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I already have that. It didnt do much for me though.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    I'd offer similar advice to that from The Bishop.

    If you are sustaining a series of automatic involuntaries then you're GTG with Eupho. This isn't something that you can 'horse around' using anal contractions. On most serious sessions, once lube is distributed, just breathing does the job. Any small body move that would be insignificant with a Helix or MGX will kill Eupho contact. I have to carefully adjust my bod to improve contact.

    Perhaps someone in support could answer the cost question. As a wild-assed-guess, I'd hazard:
    -- It's long and skinny so quality assurance and inspection might be more stringent.
    -- Supposedly it's got a finer surface finish.
    -- Since it's marketed as the top-of-the-line it commands a premium price.
    -- The more sophisticated user will purchase it and there will be fewer gents buying it as a first tool // edit // (they'd be setting themselves up for a failure and that makes for bad press. )

    Regarding sensations:
    -- it's all subtle. for me, an extreme opposite of the Progasm.
    -- the "worm in your ass" feeling. During a p-wave it seems to 'squirm' a bit. Any large ab or lat contraction, glut squeeze or anal contraction will destroy this feeling. I can usually get by with a little PC maneuver and not wipe out the squirm. \\ end edit \\

    jmtcw ... rook