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Possible breakthrough - or weird fluke
  • OK, so I may be going through a breakthrough or it may be another weird fluke. I debated posting about it this early. I've been around for nearly 2 and a half years now. I haven't posted much during the past year or so, but I'm sure many people may remember me.

    I've had many MANY truly wonderful experiences during the past year or so. I basically go in phases where I get caught up in real life and spend a few weeks without the aneros, then I get back in the mood and it's like I build from the start to something wonderful all over again. There's actually a whole lot of knowledge I've gained (some of which could probably be very helpful to some people) that I'll have to share here sometime.

    Anyway, I consider myself very experienced now. I can't even remember when I last had a "dud" session. Every experience has something to offer.

    So, what I want to post about is a possible breakthrough that I may be going through right now. Basically for the last 2 years, EVERY time I had a session I ended it with traditional masturbation. I even have a fleshlight for doing this. Only during the past couple of weeks have I tried skipping this step. I feel like an idiot for not trying this sooner, because I do know from reading that ejaculation releases prolactin which destroys dopamine and drains the sex drive. I believe prolactin to be responsible for the really clear headed feeling you get right after ejaculation. The feeling where you lose interest and think "What have I been doing here this whole time?".

    OK, so without being sexually drained (and dopamine drained) through ejaculation, I think I may have made a big breakthrough last night. It was really subtle and hard to explain, but basically as I was using the helix, I slowly became aware that I seemed to be having more conscious control over the orgasms than ever. That involuntary contraction that happens during orgasm seemed to be becoming voluntary in a really subtle way. Through much experience I have learned the best orgasms are the ones you "LET" happen and don't try to "MAKE" happen. This is why it was so subtle, because I wasn't directly making it happen. This is so hard for me to explain, but it was as if after I would "LET" it happen, I realized that I had actually made it happen, but in a different way. Through that realization I found myself controlling it and causing it to happen by conscious will.

    The above may sound like just rambling and it kind of is. But what I'm trying to describe is I seemed to be mentally gaining voluntary control over orgasms. This morning using those techniques I was able to build a weak orgasm by focusing on my hand. Now, I have had orgasms in my hands in feet before, much of it happened late in 2007 a few months after I had first started using the aneros. I posted about it even way back then, but it was really glitchy and inconsistent, so the effect would come and go. This could be another weird fluke like what happened then, but I think I may really be learning something new here.

    I think the biggest key to all of this is brain chemistry and state of mind. Hence why the effect has come and went before for me. I don't actually think it is truly possible for someone to orgasm anytime anywhere without their mind and brain being in the proper state. withholding ejaculation for a few days seems to be helping me keep my mind in that state.

    I'll try to post an update here if anything more comes out of this. Meanwhile I would really appreciate it if some really experienced people could share their knowledge and comments on this.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Congratulations !! sounds like a smart move.

    I've been a semen 'conserver' on journey sessions for almost three months and try :twisted: to keep ejaculation about 36 hours away from journey sessions. Without doing this I doubt that I could reliably mini-O.

    I'm still in the "mini-O coral" but for the last month have begun to appreciate that orgasm happens in the space between my ears. I'm also into hands, seeking to 'wire' the margins of my fingers to my prostate, anal and rectal arousal. I also exploit the indentation on my wrist, at the base of my thumb as a path to my prostate.

    You are way ahead of me being able to go with a straight mental trigger. Greatest of admiration guy !

    Keep up the good work and share your progress more often!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome back binaryfellow!! :D :D

    Great step forward for you! And a great discussion exploring how it felt and how it might be working!
    The proposed chemical component is good, butt there are several other levels operating for you and all of us at the stage you are describing. Electro-magnetic interactions and symbiotic biosemiotics with the electro-chemistry explains some of the felt intention-at-a-distance in space-time you experienced, IMHO.

    Thanks so much for savouring, saving and sharing your experiences! Maybe we can chat about this soon.

    From what you say, you may well have a wealth of experiences and phenomena that you can similarly describe that would be valuable to all. How about blogging about these cumulative experiences of yours here in the Blogs section so we could see it all grouped in your serial blog posts?

    all the best as your journey continues unfolding in unexpected yet reintegrative ways all

  • Yeah, binaryfellow, I concur with Artform...I would love to read more of you observations in blog form. You always have very interesting insights and experiences. :idea: