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great results from changing
  • i have been using another leading brand for over 18 months with good results & in that time i also bought a aneros helix. I tried it af ew times but always returned to my original model, reason being i found the aneros to give me a feeling of wanting to do a bowel movement.
    Anyway with some spare time on my hands over the past festive holiday i decided to persevere with the aneros. i tried to relax & put up with the initial wanting to go feelings. Eventually they subsided & i was able to enjoy some contracting movements of pulling the aneros in , holding & relaxing by way of my muscles.Anyway i decided to experiment a bit more & decided to sit on the edge of the bed, with it still inserted, which i was able to do because of its more flexible design in the handle area. This was not possible wuth my other model because it was rigid. Anyway it must of pressed more onto the prostate & the feelings started to get real good, my cock got much harder & i started to dribble lots of precum.This feeling got better & better & i alternated from sitting on the edge of the bed to then leaning backwards with my hands behind, to leaning backwards onto my elbows, all the time playing & massaguing my breasts & nipples which were well oiled. I felt sensational. i could definatelly feel my prostate in an engorged state with the feeling you get just before you cum with an ejaculation. This would happen in waves, intense feelings for afew minutes than subside. Change positions & keep playing, then more waves of great feelings of just about to cum but not with lots of precum ousing from my cock. I was in extascy with this, wave after wave of pleasure. After about two hours i had to cum, so stated to slowy tug on my cock & eventually i came with an orgasm that seemed to keep on going, with pulse after pulse of thick cum, probably 20 contactions. I was a right mess.I have managed to replicate this great session two days later & i feel i need to have another session tonight. So wanting to do this every other day at moment. With my old model i only felt the urge to use about once a week. Can other members advise if this is ok or too much! Any advice would be greatly received. Also is it ok to use this sitting/alternating method? Also are these great feeling i get of nearly cumming but not what is documented as a dry super O?
    Hope this info is of use to other users. Also i found that placing a silicon earplug which can be moulded great for adding to the end of the tab to sop discomfort.
    Have a great night Timbo
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Two months ago, after working with a Helix for 3 months, I got to the same stage--intermittent light contractions coupled with nipple stimulation produced anal flutters and then a feeling like my rectum was "gripping" the massager (which I understand is an involuntary contraction) soon after which a pleasantly warm building up "almost like I'm going to cum" feeling would fill my pelvis and enter the base of my penis, but go no further. Being 6'2" 185 lbs I wondered if the Helix wasn't quite "reaching the spot" so ordered a Maximus (little afraid of the Progasm size yet, I guess) and from the first time it slid in its sensations on my "sweet spot" were noticeably stronger, and producing the flutters, involuntary rectal contractions, and the "I'm almost going to cum" feeling came much more easily and rapidly in my sessions. I don't go over about 45 minutes a session maybe 2 or 3 times a week, but can produce several cycles of these sensations with each, and, although the "I'm almost going to cum" sensation at the end of each cycle is very pleasant, it never seems to reach further than the base of my penis. Like you, I wonder if that's as far as that particular feeling progresses or can it get to the point where you experience that great "I'm cumming" feeling all through and to the end of the penis. It would be wonderful to have the complete "cumming" sensation that a traditional orgasm has, but (presumably with a prostate orgasm) longer lasting than the "Ahhh-Ohhh-spurt-spurt then it's over for a while" characteristic of a traditional orgasm. BTW, I do not touch my penis during sessions and do not "finish off" with a stimulated traditional orgasm though I have the feeling inside if I did, I'd empty a lot. Hope this comparison to your experience is helpful and will appreciate any more experienced members' comments very much.
  • Thanks SlimJim for your reply & comments.
    Had another great sessoin friday night, couldn't believe where the time went on this one, 2 & 3/4 hours. wo.Again i used the method of sitting but on a cushioned arm chair with leg support. Again i i alterneted between sitting feet on floor to raisiing legs onto support & leaning back, again lots of nipple/breast play.This time i got a lot more noticable quivering sensations in the abdomen/grion /upper leg/thigh areas at the same time as getting the sensationa lwanting/nearly cumming senation felt in my engorged prostate. I was able to ride these waves that could last about 5 mins or so then by moving postion allow them to subside. Then again moving position again then riding these waves of pleasure again & again. These are so good & become sort of addictive, not wanting them to end. Unlike when i have used the other product i get eventually a huge kinda of shaking sensation at the end of my session(around the 2hr) & have a huge expulsion of semen/liquids, a sort of very long pleasureable sort of ejaculation.These sessions with the aneros helix don't give me this finale, but the nearly cumming sensations are better. This time i took out the aneros at the end of the session & then masturbated my penis to complete ejaculation which is not as pleasurable as the other one with other product. So bit of a quandry. Pros for the aneros helix, get superb long rides of pleasure of feeling like cumming but not, are these dry o s? Or having a session with other product that is not so pleasurable during the session, but ends with a fantastic wet orgasm. Would love to get a product that does both. Any ideas chaps?
    Thinking that obviously the helix doesn't quite hit the prostate spot in normal position but requires the sitting technique to hit the spot. So helix is probably not long enough for me. Do you think the maximus is longer & would hit the spot naturally without sitting? Don't want anything too thick either as did buy the other products big version & found it way too thick & uncomfortable for my anus.
    Anyway i am just loving these sensational feelings of wave after wave of nearly cumming sensations i am getting with the aneros in sitting technique that i can't wait for next session. Writing this is really bringing the anticipation of wanting to do it again real strong, so will be going for it again tonight. This is going to be some record for me. 4 sessions in 8 days(probably average 10 hours), wow, i hope i am not developing a kinda of addition!
    Appreciate any comments & advice you can give me. Thanks Tim
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    To me, the Maximus is longer than the Helix, not so much in side by side visual appearance of length, but in where it "rides" when it glides into its resting position within my rectum. I even measured the inserted length difference between the Maximus and the Helix from their normal anal riding positions, and the end of the Maximus reaches about 1/2 inch further inside for me, and being 6'2" 185 lbs with perhaps slightly wider dimensions internally than say a much shorter, smaller guy might have, this seems to be what accounts for the more intense sensations on my prostate. Also the P-tab on the Maximus presses noticeably more firmly on my perineum than does the Helix's P-tab, suggesting to me the internal positioning is better.

    The only downside is that the Maximus is somewhat larger in diameter than the Helix (which is the only other massager I own so I can't make a comparison to other models) and this seems to make me a little sore at the level of my internal sphincter at about 45 minutes to an hour, hence my somewhat shorter sessions with it, though perhaps this will improve over time as I note many guys use and like the Progasm which I believe is the largest in diameter of all the massagers. Also the Maximus does not have as much of a constricted "neck" for the anus to grip upon and so if you have a really strong rectal contraction it can start to ease out some, which is, for me at least, almost impossible to do with the Helix.

    That said though, I had an unexpectedly remarkable session with my Helix last night with about a dozen brief--I would say mild to moderate intensity--prostate orgasms over about an hour with nice feelings like cum was trying to enter the lower part of my penis, though as I've described before never feeling like it will rise to any higher level of intensity. Also, in view of your interest in using something smaller, you might consider the Eupho which I think will be my next model to try in due time as it is longer, has the generational development features the Helix has, is smaller in diameter--even than the Helix I believe--and has great reviews I've noticed on this forum. Hope this is helpful.