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Blue Moon sickness...Yeow!
  • Hello eveyone, Happy New Year. My 2010 be a breakthrough year for all!

    Speaking of which, I just have to relate my Blue Moon session experience with you. Mrs.C was out for the morning, so, being as how it's almost a holiday, and I am self employed, I decided that a dance with Ms. Progasm was in order. I cleaned up and lubed up and plugged in! :P

    I started with my usual "do nothing" position on my back on the bed. I knew IMMEDIATELY that this would be a special session, as I could instantly detect excellent vibrations from my prostate as soon as I lay back on the pillows. Ohh.

    It didn't take long before my very gentle anal/pc contractions were beginning to deliver exquisite Pwaves of pleasure to my whole body. I had about a half a dozen very strong dry orgasms in a row shortly after that.

    I was able to keep an extremely long series of very pleasurable strokes going for almost 40 minutes, when I started to get that buzz in my head that I associate with only one thing...Super O ahead! :shock:

    I can always tell when it's gonna be good, and now I knew it would be. I get a continuous kind of buzzing in my ears, and with gentle persuasion I can not only sustain the joyous prostate feedback but build it as well. I use a combination of breathing and anal/pc contractions to build and build the buzz, and that's what I did. The end result was a Super O of force 10, that shook my whole body over and over and over. I had at least a half dozen massive seizure like orgasms before it idled down a bit, the P-wives continuing the whole time.

    By this time over an hour had passed, and the damn phone rang, to boot. I managed to answer it in a calm tone, take the message and chat with the caller for a few minutes. I actually had to get off the bed to do this. After the call ended, I shut off the ringer btw, and lay down again.

    It wasn't 30 seconds when a second wave of O's hit me and away I went again. Only this time they were force 12 jobs and I was absolutely wiped out by the time it was over about 20 minutes later.

    Needless to say, Blue Moon or not, it was a spectacular session. I hope you'll not think me overly sensational, but some things just have to be shared. Thank you Progasm and thank you boys.

  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    next time I will email instead of call
  • That sounds like an awesome session you had with your progasm.I've found the same thing has happened to me when being disturbed during a session.Although very annoying at the time I've found the intensity of my orgasms increase after the interuption and I return to the fun.
    Good luck with your next session.
    Anal fun