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This isn't working :(
  • I heard this thing should be great but I haven't felt a thing. Every now and then I've fiddled with my G-spot using other methods in the past so I have a glimpse at how great this kinda orgasm can feel. I remember just rubbing it and having an odd semi-gasm and cum just flowing like a river. I've had this thing for a day now and have tried twice and gotten no results. Last night after trying and getting nothing I just used the old fashioned route thinking it would work that way and enhance it but nothin. Ok it did make it fell good for maybe like 10 seconds before the "big finish" but it was just because there was something for the muscles to clamp onto I think because once I started cumming it was like any other orgasm. It was just a tightness right before that was the only result i got. I have it in me laying down on my side as I write this even seein if itll happen naturally and sumtimes contracting myself but still nothing. Why isnt this working???

    It is a MGX is it just too small for me so im not feeling it rub the spot right or wat? If i were to get summin else and apply the pressure myself I would feel it instantly and it would feel great but my body would soon ache after having to be in such an awkward position to reach the spot. So can you "pros" gimme some advice? I was so excited about this and now I am just bummed and feel i have been robbed of my money because of false ads. EDIT: well this thing has been in a while and all I've gotten is wht probably is going to end up as a bruise from the perinium tab as it was the only thing I really felt in the last hour. Problem is all this did was press hard against the same spot over and over til it just is sore when i squeeze. I will come back to check the replies later, thanks in advance
  • rumelrumel
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    Welcome to the Forum,

    The frustration you are experiencing is a very common phenomenon with new Aneros users, I advise doing some more reading and give yourself more time. The Aneros experience is not a race or competition but a learning journey without an end point.
  • The aneros is nothing like any 'sex toy' you have ever used. It is not a push button orgasm machine. It is more of a 'zen' like experience, there has to be a paradigm shift within yourself ("rewiring"). Read the WIKI and get more acquainted with the process.
  • well where is the sex toy version damnit lol. also a lil update. after like 2 hrs of nothin i just went normal route again. but i did have maybe like 30 seconds where summin was building up. i know how its different now i sampled it. i laid on my stomache and thrusted the bed. before i was just doin a muscle contraction the same one that causes the "main vein" flex. am i doin it wrong? cuz when i decided to just try anything i was flexing my pelvis buttocks and that usual muscle all at once and i cant explain it but after a bit i went crazy like a dog humping a leg and then i lost it :(

    also got a creative idea. u talkin bout rewiring, well is it safe to sleep with the aneros inserted? i thought it wud be awesome sleepin with it as my body starts to notice it and i wake up screaming in orgasm as my body slowly caused it on its own during the night??? idk just a thought is it safe to do?

  • also got a creative idea. u talkin bout rewiring, well is it safe to sleep with the aneros inserted? i thought it wud be awesome sleepin with it as my body starts to notice it and i wake up screaming in orgasm as my body slowly caused it on its own during the night??? idk just a thought is it safe to do?

    Yes, lots of people have slept with the aneros inserted with varying results.
  • BadgerBadger
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    I've tried sleeping with the Aneros in several times, and with varied results. I've never been woken up by an orgasm, but it usually won't let me get much of any sleep; I'll drift off, and BAM! I'm wide awake again, repeating this over and over until I remove it, or go for a more conventional finish.

    I've had very similar results on my stomach as you have; it's quite satisfying. I'll just lay still on my stomach, and then I'll have an urge to twitch, or maybe the Aneros will thrust itself, then it's almost like a humping convulsion. While convulsing/humping, the Aneros is thrusting at it's own weird syncopated rhythm, all the while feeling a growing, swelling sensation in my prostate which keeps building until I have an incredible wet-O. in most cases, the ejaculate is clear, but there seems to be quite a lot of it. I'm pretty well spent after this, and the Aneros usually wants to push itself out. I then have the urge to have a BM, so I seldom get the opportunity to try for a second O, except for the first time this ever happened, but my wife kicked me for disturbing her slumber when it started for an second O, which pretty much put an end to the festivities.

    Since last June, I've not been having much of any luck; wife was stressing out over oldest daughter's Open House, then over complications in planting schedule; so little to no sex with her, and no time for the Aneros or even standar masturbating. It screwed everything up; trouble urinating, irregular BMs, and an odd feeling in the pelvic floor. It could also be the new package underwear that I got about that time: they have no fly, which makes urinating more difficult. Or probably a combination of these circumstances compounding the problem.
  • aner0snoob, I'd recommend from my personal experience that you don't view your Aneros sessions as a repetive task of physical strain. Excessive contracting will simply numb the erogenic nerves, or worse yet - as you already mentioned - leave you sore. Instead focus on relaxing and gentle, sporadic contractions. Focus on sensing any signs of involuntary feedback your body might be answering with to the stimulation. When you start feeling pleasurable sensations, don't try to coax them with further contractions, try letting the muscles work on their own instead.

    This happened to me during my last session with Progasm - I was initially skeptical on whether my muscles could reflexively work around the massager like they did with Helix, considering the Progasm's larger bulk. But they did, after a short period of relaxation and a single gentle contraction held for 10-15 seconds. After that I felt the rectal nerves flare with excitement, and I just relaxed and enjoyed the sensations as the Aneros moved back and forth without any voluntary contractions for a good 30 minutes or so. Maybe not as climactic as an orgasm, but as a whole far more pleasing.