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Aneros Mantra
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    When I bought my Aneros from Erotica-online I got a booklet with it explaining about the Aneros. How the design was inspired by Eastern Tantric traditions, this got me thinking how these practises could be supplemented/complemented more fully by using the Aneros. It struck me that one of the things missing was a mantra, leek focused intent.

    I've read some stuff on this site about things like 'best position', 'best model', 'how to modify Aneros so it works better'.

    To me all these issues are irrelevant at best and a mindfuck at worst. I liked the description artform gave, 'Trainingwheels'. None of the above is relevant because all of the above make you uncertain and take away the focus from where the focus should be, at the pleasurable sensations and your desire for more of them. It's blissful energy, that's always there, aneros is only a trainingwheel that helps you become aware of this.

    It's a fine line, you can't want it too much, then youre forcing it, let it come to you, let it's pleasurable bliss be your guide, let it permeate every cell, every part of your body,then become one with the void. Let go of social conditioning, of all thoughts, and tune into the God Frequency.

    Something like that, it obviously has to be amended, but here's my 2cents anyway.

    It's focused intent, breathing and awareness(use both like with chakra breathing for maximum effectiveness), and surrendering to all manifestations of this blissful energy.....Sometimes it makes you want to move in a certain way to channel this energy, sometimes it gets channeled through your breath and vocalisations, just tune into the God Frequency and how iit manifests will become intuitively clear, it bypasses all thoughts, it's only awareness, tuning in, and just surrendering to it's manifestations.