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Helix is still not working
  • Ive gotten helix about 3 weeks ago. I'm 21 and am bisexual. I have read and skim through most of what I'm suppose to do with the helix and i attempted many positions, waited patiently, tried to focus on just my anus and some few others. I have still yet to experience any simulation or anything from the helix. The helix does go pasted my prostate so sort of seems like the helix is too long and isn't curved enough to reach my prostate. (I'm not sure if this is an issue.) But now I would like to try over here and asked if someone actually wants to interact 1 on 1 with me through IM or through a video chat if you actually want to visually help me. I'm not ashamed of my body if you want to see me naked but I want to try again and again for the next couple of weeks to see the aneros works for me. If it doesn't, I want to return it before the 60 day refund return. Thank you. Message me or reply here if you like and I'll send my info.
  • haha, I reread this and it does I sound desprete. Anways, for the articales I've read, there are some steps that I didn't quite understand and the whole page looks overwhelming since it tells me to do many things at once. Anyways, what is contraction?
  • rumelrumel
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    I think your impatience for immediate results is tainting your ability to slow down and cue into your body. I fear you are holding onto traditional notions of orgasm as a result of macro stimulation. You may also be harboring the illusion that one Aneros model is “best”. You said in your very first post “The problem is that I want to best one and want the one with the greatest Orgasm feeling.” and in another post, “For me, I do not want the beginner one only to feel a little orgasm...”. The intensity of one's orgasm is not correlated to the size of the Aneros model being used. The 'best' model is a subjective decision and one you can only make after having experienced them all. You may be expecting a definitive answer to a variable question.

    In your next thread you asked “so how long did it take you before it you felt any sort of orgasm?” While I understand the desire to know the time line beforehand, you need to understand each individual is unique and your time line will be very different from someone else. You may be expecting results based upon others experiences, this can lead to false notions of events happening within a defined time frame. You said - “But if I have to wait for months, how do I know it will work because I would like to return it and get my money back.” The problem here is that you don't know if “it will work”. If your main concern is getting your money back due to a fixed time frame for return, then you might just as well return it now because your mind set is not focused where it needs to be. These devices don't 'work' for anybody, but if you allow yourself to 'play' with them, interact without expectations, allow them to amplify your existing sensuality then very exciting events can happen. Guess what?, you actually have more time than you thought! You thought you had only 60 days for return/refund, you actually have 50% longer – 90 days – see the Guarantee for full details. You're only 25% of the way into the trial period, just relax, give yourself the time and freedom to play with your new toy, excitement may jump you in the very next session.

    I don't know what article you are referring to that instructs you “ do many things at once...” but a contraction, as used in most of our discussions, is the shortening and thickening of a functioning muscle or muscle fiber due to nerve activation. There are three primary pelvic floor muscles involved with Aneros use. Rectal muscles : in concert with peristalsis of the colon aid excretion of fecal matter from the body. Anal Sphincter muscles, control opening and closing of the anus. PC muscles control the flow of urine out of the bladder. You can learn to individually control each of these muscle groups and by applying them at various levels of contraction you can cause your Aneros massager to move in differing ways.
  • thank you. that cleared some of the issues up. Glad I got more time to try to use it again.