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early Christmas present! (Eupho adventures) and surprises!
  • jack38jack38
    Posts: 35
    :D Last week, I decided to order a Eupho. My few weeks with the MGX have been great, but wanted to add to the experience, so ...

    Ms. Eupho arrived on Saturday. The first surprise was ... when inserting, I started dripping lots of pre-cum which hadn't happened with the MGX. Had a great (but brief) 45 minute ride - no Super O yet but definitely lots of major contractions and what must be anal Os. Anyway, this first trip was pretty incredible overall - I couldn't believe how a small movement on my part - such as moving a leg a few inches - would change the unbelievable sensations. The Eupho rode me hard - like brief parts of previous MGX sessions - but just kept going and going! Anyway, I had to stop after this brief ride but ...

    A couple of hours later, I went back for another try. Again, big surprise. I thought that the pre-cum dripping from earlier was just a one time thing, but as I put my new buddy in again, I started leaking lots of pre-cum again. It was wild! Another surprise: Ms. Eupho started pumping me very hard within the first 5 minutes and I tried to just ride it out and go with the flow. The contractions during this session were extremely intense and all I could do was to lay there and keep breathing. I'd slow it down a little every now and then but it would be only a minute or two before she was back at it. I don't think I had a super-O but it was certainly an incredible hour of intense pleasure!

    I had more time on Sunday, and was able to spend a couple of hours. Just like Saturday, I oozed lots of precum out while inserting but was then able to spend 10 minutes or so relaxing quitely while just slowly breathing in and out. Then she took off and had her way with me. I had several intense periods of extreme pleasure - occasionally, I would deliberatly slow things down, but it would be only a minute or two before intense contractions started up again.

    When I finally decided that it was time to stop, I was weak, trembling and drenched in sweat. This time, Ms. Eupho didn't want to come back out easily either, but I got her to stop.

    Anyway, I had to unbelievable days with my new Eupho and looking forward to the next time. I'm thinking that my MGX won't be seeing a lot of action in the near future.

    I cont myself as very fortunate since I've had such a great response with the
    Aneros in a short period of time. I never would have expected to have such amazing results in a few short weeks. It's worthh approaching all of this with a very open mind and a willingness to relax and just go with the flow because you won't know where it will take you until you get there.

    Take care, guys!
  • Sounds like a great ride!
    Good luck with future rendezvous with Ms. Eupho! 8)
  • Jack38! Yes...yet another EUPHO convert.

    Ohhh....the secret is out and the numbers are growing.

    EUPHO! Just 'cause she's small, doesn't mean she ain't mighty.

    Give her a ride,'s a small price to pay for such BLISS