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new sensation
  • Last night i experience new sensation with MGX. I sleep quite early (8 pm) yesterday after golf,maybe too tired. I woke up around 4 am and quite fresh. As i read in the forum, the best time to had a session is early in the morning, thus i lube up the myself and mgx with virgin coconut oil. My first time to use coconut oil, usually i use KY Gel.

    Then i do my relax and breathing routine and close my eye.
    I felt the pulsating sensation around the prostrate area..which i start to used to it after 14 times with aneros. I just stay still - no voluntary muscle contraction etc. I just dozed off a while. Suddently , i felt
    the throbbing around the anus area, and my whole body start shaking. My head shakes - like someone shaking your shoulder violently. I scared and open my eyes, the shaking then cease slowly. I know this is a part of the re-wire process. I try to get back the sensation but fruitless.

    Today i had another session again but still cannot get back the sensation. Any brother here can help?
    If the shaking continue, what should i do?
  • Stick with your regular sessions, sounds like you are making good progress.
    Remember try to not to have expectations for the sessions. :idea: