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something strange happened....
  • Hi,

    I have been a visitor to the forum on and off for about 3 years. I own a progasm, mgx and peridise. I started off my journey with the progasm and realized quickly that i had great expectations and my body was not ready for the monster. :) Then came the mgx and finally the peridise.

    Over the years i have developed pwaves and learned to ejaculate hands-free. I think i am definitely stuck at the point where the intensity of teetering on the edge always pushes me over and i can feel my prostate pumping out cum. The hands-free orgasm is definitely different in that the nerve-endings on the penis dont get saturated with sensation like they do in regular masturbation.

    Today i had something a little different happen so i decided to finally post something on the forum instead of lurking around in the hope of getting useful pointers from people who are further ahead in their journey. As usual i inserted the peridise(smaller) and lay down on my bed on my back. I had not had an orgasm in 2 days so i was feeling fairly horny. I relaxed and did a little deep breathing. Also started to bring my attention to the waves i could feel by holding small contractions.

    I noticed that the prostate felt like a ball of pleasure and this radiated out below my balls and out to the surface below my navel. Rubbing the ridge above my penis and below my navel felt great. Also after say 5-10 minutes i had a radiating out of the pleasure/contractions down my legs. I have had this before so i enjoyed it and tried to relax.

    After sometime i turned on my stomach and let my penis point downward along my leg where it was not being stimulated majorly(im uncut so the foreskin prevented major friction with the towel). Soon i started feeling the contraction run up and down my leg and into the prostate. And from there it spread out again down my legs and up my back to my chest. It almost felt like different muscular groups were relaxing and contracting to try and deal with the pleasure that my body was feeling while at the same time trying to increase this pleasure. Then came the urge to vocalize - not loud but definitely undeniable. At this point the prostate started to throb and i could feel my orgasm building. The waves through the body continued as semen drained out my penis. With ejaculation i calmed down some. However after i came i touched the head of my penis and it seemed as eager to the touch as if i had just started to play with it. On the inside i felt quite sated.

    So my question to you all is - Am i stuck at the point where my body cant separate the orgasm from the ejaculation? What was the whole body convulsing bit all about? Where do i go from here?

    Needless to say there are many wonderful people here who have helped me to expand my horizons. Many thanks to all of you! :)

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 742
    That sounds similar to what I experience from time to time. With mine, I get the overwhelming urge to cunvulse in a humping manner, usually while on my stomach, and I feel the sensations build in the prostate, and while I'm humping, the Aneros is thrusting in and out at its own tempo, and then I have an immense O with a prolonged release of semen. This usually happens with the Progasm, but it happened early on with the Helix. My penis stays limp throughout. It is very enjoyable, but as with you, I'm pretty much sated when it's done.

    I guess the best thing to do is enjoy what you have, and be content if that's as good as it gets for you. Then if it does take you to the next level, all the better. If you're not content, you may lose what you already have, kind of like the children's story of the little dog with the bone. He was walking over a small bridge, when he spotted another dog with a bigger bone in the water. As he lunged for the other bone, his bone splashed into the water, causing both his bone and the bone of the other dog in the water to disappear.
  • artformartform
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    Welcome still_searchin09! :D to the forum and your documenting your journey here!

    Your experience, so well detailed, is very positive. Your body/mind took you on a great adventure with the generation and amplification of the separate orgasmic energies moving up into more generalized life-force energies, illustrating the openness of your body to this great energetic flow and all the positive sensations from it. So it appears you are naturally moving into this dimension of the practice. I have had great legs and feet orgasms, as well as consciously storing energies in my legs as set out in this blog post:

    The "stuck at the hands-free wet ejaculatory orgasm" seems to be a good self-diagnosis. There is a growing recognition of this as a choke point in progress in aneros practice. See thhn's thread "Will It Ever Happen?"

    Over the years i have developed pwaves and learned to ejaculate hands-free. I think i am definitely stuck at the point where the intensity of teetering on the edge always pushes me over and i can feel my prostate pumping out cum.

    Your sensing the both the "intensity" and the "teetering" is the KEY, as you say you can feel "the point where the intensity of teetering on the edge always pushes me over". Further you say you can "feel my prostate pumping..." to NOT the outcome you desire! :lol: That you can sense all of this is excellent! The solution is lightly encouraging your body/mind to build on that awareness.

    Do you practice "edging", masturbating to the teetering point and learning to hold that back and retreat without ejaculating? Many men use this to build arousal, semen load and longevity control outside this Aneros practice.

    You need now to pay relaxed attention to the early stages of intensification when your nervous system "switch" from gentle prostate stim with energetics building and triggering is working, flips to the heavier demanding prostate massage that triggers the prostate-ejaculatory response and it kicks in. When you have been able to identify that subtle switch point, relax, and just mentally "intend" to stay/switch on the gentler energetics track. :D

    You are a natural, IMHO, and have great further adventures ahead of you! :shock: :lol:

    all the best switch sensitivities and ecstatic intentions all