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new helix
  • today I recieved my helix upgrade from a mgx. It was supposed to be my resting night, but of course couldn't hold my curiousity.

    I inspected the helix and thought "what real differance is there?" Well a lot! I usually lay on my back, I get good invols that way. Right away I noticed a differant feel, either more was getting hit or just more pressure. I soon got the 'buzz' and it was still early!

    I probably had 3 beginnings of some kind of o, but the excitement of the moment got to me. By this time I was a bit worn out.

    I figured a short rest on my side, cause normally nothing happens. I felt a nice tingle and tried a few small contractions. Wow what a differance. totally differant than what I have been experiencing. again 2 or 3 starts, but no big o, but I am very satisfied and exhausted. As I write this I still have a buzz going on. Maybe if I'm lucky something will happen later on tonight.
  • Hi, forgeman, good to meet you over the weekend on the chat. I hope it was helpful. We enjoyed your company.

    This is fantastic news, forge! Sounds like excellent progress.

    You've hit the nail on the head. Continue your relaxation techniques and don't get too excited before things can "kick-in" for you.

    Keep up and keep on. Like ArcticWolves says: NEVER GIVE UP!