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How has the Aneros changed you?
  • Well except of course for the obvious "I can cum from sticking a piece of plastic up my ass."

    I have changed in ways I could have not have foreseen. I find myself more confident. I find that I actually like my body. I think I am more loving and more accepting.

    How has it changed you?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again chris_SoCal! :D

    You are really into the heart of this practice and its potential! This is another excellent question!!!

    Your personal observations are wonderful and mine are similar but with other variations too. I hope many members will respond with details. I intend to soon.

    May your practice continue to bring more such wide ranging and reintegrative enhancements to life in general! :D

    all the best life enhancing and reintegrating benefits from this aneros adventure all

  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    I am becoming more aware of my body and learning to recognize sensations. I just wish I would have discovered my prostate many years ago. :-)
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I walk differently
  • Knowing I can do something with my body that the vast majority of men don't even know is possible, considering that this thing is intensely pleasurable, it is easy to walk around with a smile on my face as though I know some great hidden secret.
  • Wow, this one is going to get a lot of comments, chris.

    I'm all over this one, as my paradigm shift has truly changed my thinking on a number of levels.

    First and foremost: I feel better, physically. I feel better mentally. The relaxation techniques that are key to Aneros enjoyment and Super O have allowed me to bring that comfortable relaxation to my work and to my family.

    Second: Rewiring has connected me with all of you. And that, perhaps is the biggest benefit of all.

    And finally: A great deal more personal, inner peace.

    God (in the broadest sense possible) bless you all. Happy holidays to all.

  • I'm no longer sexually frustrated when my wife does not want to make love I do not care more I know I have my Aneros is now my wife asks for sex lol :P :P
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Wow, thought producing thread !! Nice question ! I've compiled quite an inventory. Not having Super-Oed I'm just seeing what's involved in the Journey.

    I share Chris_SoCal's 'butt-buzz-grin' aka figuratively, 'shit eating grin.' --- Mine is a smirk -- :wink:

    I share in Plantation's balancing of orgasmic desire between husband and spouse. Really takes the heat off frustrated libidos. Wonderful basis for communicating and balancing desires. Offers new activities.

    Has increased my awareness of and my approach to GU health and fitness -- BIG-TIME !

    Has extended my trad-O's so that I can better communicate with my spouse as well as appreciating and savoring what I do have.

    Allows me to differentiate between sexual arousal and sensual arousal and employ my brain and body parts to enhance each.

    New couple's activities enable a high level of self-confidence during foreplay while flaccid -- erections are now optional and can be called up on demand. With no pressure to erect anxiety is gone. Never had it so good :!: :!:

    Tough part for an older guy: The Journey makes me ultra-conscious about semen conservation and head-horn maintenance. Used to believe that that ejaculation was a freebie, a 'no-cost' right of passage to manhood. As a senior, serving two demanding mistresses, I tend to view ejaculation as an 'expense' rather than a simple pleasure. I approach masturbation with a view to the next day; or, two days. Then, there's the Urology gang that says, "get it off four times a week." Just one damn pressure piled on another. :cry: :evil: :whine: :lol: :D

    Note guys -- the above paragraph is, in part the result of last night's first sexual encounter in over two months. Mrs. R has a breather in her therapy and we were able to get very conventional in our love making. The day before I'd drained-dry exercising with Dame MGX including a thorough milking. Last night the Aneros was a life saver for both of us !!!

    Note, we need an emoticon for :whine: :)

    @Cockadoodle -- super way of putting it. Wish it was right around the corner for me -- but I'm learning patience.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Apart from the cliche's of how Aneros has changed your life from 'average Joe' to being infatuated with beastiality, childmolesting, snuff and necrofilia and pissing and shitting like a horse.... I do think Aneros has the potential to change you in a really big way.

    I was wondering why I've been a bit unstable recently and I found the answer in Chia Mantak's Multiorgasmic Man. Sexual energy is a powerful force it magnifices every emotion. Love gets intensified but so does hate. Orgasmic energy is the best of all energies for healing and rejuvenating, this is why it's important to have full body orgasms, not just concentrating the energy in your pubic/ass region.

    In the same vein I think in another respect Aneros is just like xtc. The side effect of xtc is grinding your teeth. The side effect for me of Aneros is actually the 'cumming'. I know that sounds weird, but the cumming for me is not what it's about. It's the euphoric energy that it produces....cumming is a means to an end.