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no erection
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    when i started using the aneros i was worried i had no erection during use but after 7 months and two models "helix and progasm" i could not care less so any guys out there who are worried about this dont just because a post on here says i had a rock hard erection its just not nessacary to achieve your goals of mmo or super-o i regularly have both and rearly get hard chill out and forget expectations and enjoy :wink:
  • Hi, Toker,

    YES! :D

    Exactly. While an erection is always a pleasant event, it has little to do with Aneros enjoyment.

    Thanks for adding to the evidence. My experience is similar, and I rarely have an erection during Aneros use...OK partial when I' REALLLLY cookin' in a nice extended Super O.